Health care from the expert

When choosing a health facility to care for our families, you need to carefully check the offers that come with the package. Physical fitness is necessary, as well as mental well-being. Knowledge of preventive care is beneficial in controlling many illnesses, and as such, having a specialized doctor is key to attaining our health goals. Dr. Marcia A Harris has a solution for several diseases facing both men and women. She has extensive experience, having been in practice for a long time and working with many clients. The expert offers customized treatments that meet the customer’s diverse needs. This article teaches more about the different services provided in their clinics.

Services offered

Skin revitalization

Skin irregularities occur due to aging, skin disorders, and exposure to the sun, among others. The skin texture may change as wrinkled, scary, or sunburns appear. This skin rejuvenating and resurfacing can treat several most skin-related problems.

Weight loss

With the fancy lifestyle people are leading, there is an increase in people dealing with weight gain. Poor eating habits significantly contribute to weight gain. The genetic factor of a family determines it predisposes one to gain weight. Weight loss is a journey that requires patience and great discipline. Other methods that may help are regular exercising, taking weight loss medications, and ensuring you eat a healthy diet.

Hair loss

Pregnancy is the primary cause of hair loss for most women of childbearing age. Other reasons may be using medications like chemotherapy for cancer patients. During menopause, hair loss becomes worse due to the loss of estrogen. A hair transplant may replace the lost hair or inject protein-rich plasma to encourage hair growth.


Aesthetics generally refers to the appearance of a person. The general impression is improved to enhance their overall look.

Sexual health

Knowledge of sexual health helps to make crucial decisions in life like avoiding sexually transmitted infections, preventing unwanted pregnancies, and the general hygiene of reproductive organs.

Vaginal revitalization

Therapies related to vaginal revitalization aim to provide all the corrective vagina treatments like urinary incontinence, tightening the vagina, and providing a remedy for vaginal dryness, which may result from hormonal imbalances.

Hormone replacement therapy

It is a form of medical treatment given to women whose estrogen and progesterone levels are reduced. The hormonal replacement therapy relieves the symptoms of menopause .some of the signs show that one needs therapy are bone loss, night sweats, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, sleep problems, low sex drive, mood swings, and irritability. The types of hormonal replacement therapy include progesterone cream applied to the skin, estrogen cream, tablet applied to the skin, estrogen or progesterone tablet, and cream inserted into the vagina.

Marcia A Harris MD, LHD, provides all the above services and many more at a personalized level. Their holistic and integrated services make them very competitive. The inclusion of a wellness center that deals with good health and mental well-being create a cordial relationship between the caregivers and their clients. To make a booking with them, give them a call for a service you will never regret.