How Can A Personal Injury Case Reach the Settlement?

A personal injury lawyer knows the state’s laws and hence, is the best person if you want to file a claim. Just hiring an attorney does not get you the compensation you are looking for. Your case will go through several stages and reaches the desired outcome after a while. In this case, an Everett personal injury lawyer plays a vital role because they are involved in every stage legally. Below mentioned are a few important steps in your personal injury case:

Establishing the liability 

Your case will start with establishing the liability. Your attorney will review the case to find out whether another party was at fault or if both parties were partially involved. Depending on the percentage, the amount will be calculated. The attorney will look at the facts of the case to determine the liability and proceed with the next step.

Discovering the facts

Most settlement-related discussions happen after the discovery stage in which both parties have the opportunity to review the details of the accident and prepare their respective cases with the help of their attorneys. This stage may also include writing questions, depositions, and evaluation of the accident scene. The discovery stage may take a few weeks and even months depending on the complexity of your case.

An attorney evaluates your damages

After the facts of the case are revealed, your personal injury lawyer will evaluate your injuries and damages so that the value of the claim can be determined. It is suggested to work with your lawyer to decide the amount because this is where you will start with negotiations. Your lawyer may also include pain and suffering and mental health in the claim to maximize its value. They ensure that you get what you deserve and need.

Informal discussion with the negligent party

If your lawyer believes that the trial can be avoided, they will get in touch with the negligent party. He can start negotiating in an informal tone. Since they carry years of experience in dealing with such cases, it will be easier for you to obtain the compensation.

Waiting time 

After one party has made the offer, it has to wait for the response from another party. The party and their lawyer will decide whether it is a fair amount to be considered. There might be several talks about a fair amount before the final decision is made.

A good personal injury lawyer can make a great difference when it comes to getting the right amount.