How do use logo mats to increase brand recognition?

Have you been looking for techniques to increase brand recognition? Perhaps you want to create a good first impression by greeting clients or visitors to your facility with a bold brand statement? With logo mats, we can solve all of these problems and more!

Mugs, pens, and backpacks are all excellent locations to advertise a business but don’t forget about the floor. Durable, logoed floor mats provide several advantages to your company, from raising brand awareness to preserving flooring and improving the ambiance in your facility. Continue reading to find out more and how to get started with logo mats for your company!

The advantages of logo mats

Floor mats with logos offer functional, aesthetic, and strategic advantages. These mats are quite useful since they scrape and clean the bottoms of shoes, preventing dirt, dampness, and debris from entering your facility. This prevents floors from becoming slippery, lowering the likelihood of slip and fall incidents at your facility. They also guard against regular wear and tear on flooring.

Logo mats improve the mood in your facility by creating an eye-catching statement that matches your company identity. Your mats are personalized with your logo and/or corporate information, as well as the color or images of your choice.

Logo mats can provide strategic business advantages by increasing brand identification, creating great first impressions, and increasing brand exposure and awareness. Furthermore, each mat leaves a plethora of brand impressions on visitors. Logo mats keep your brand in the spotlight at all times!

How to make use of logo mats?

It’s a fantastic idea to include your company’s emblem on your personalized floor mats. The design should be straightforward and consistent with the colors of your brand or the color scheme of your facilities. Contact us for assistance in designing the ideal custom mats for your company.

Logo mats come in several sizes and indoor and outdoor alternatives. It features a water dam border that aids in the trapping of dirt and moisture.

Why are Waterhog Floor Mats So Popular?

Waterhog Impressions HD logo mats are quite popular. They are the industry standard for wet-weather situations, and each square yard of the mat can absorb 1.5 gallons of water.

Water on the floor is a serious safety concern and a key contributor to slip, trip, and fall occurrences, which cost employers over $1 billion each year. Waterhog mats are therefore a wise investment for business locations where customers routinely track water on their shoes.

But what is it about Waterhog carpets that make them so popular?


The first cause is a lack of diversity. There are several Waterhog rugs to choose from. There are various varieties of entry mats available for standard usage, as well as several for recessed uses

There is also a Waterhog clean-room sticky mat. Waterhog mats are available in a variety of colors and are resistant to fading.


Aside from the water that these mats absorb, they are also intended to be very safe, with undersides that hold the floor. The ability of a top-quality mat to remain in one spot is critical.

Waterhog mats also offer a proprietary nubby surface that efficiently removes dirt and debris from the soles of shoes (along with the water, snow, and ice.) The Floor Safety Institute has classified several Waterhog mats, such as the Waterhog Masterpiece, as “excellent traction.” The basic guideline for increasing floor safety is to increase traction.



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