How does the tape-in extension method work?

Hair extension methods differ in terms of durability and application methods. Today we take a closer look at tape in hair extensions – one of the most popular on the market. How are they applied, and how long do they last? 

Hair extension may serve for various purposes – some use it to fix the mistake of cutting their hair short, while others add their hairstyle some volume and beautiful shine. It’s definitely more than a one-time method for special moments – you can use it long-term too after just one application. Hot fusion, cold fusion, micro link, tape-in, clip-in, sew-in – there are so many methods to choose from! In this article, we break down the most popular one, which is the tape-in extension.

Tape-in extension method – for whom?

This method is suitable for those who are searching for a short-term effect. Contrarily to fusion methods or micro links, it will not last for a few months. However, it has many other advantages. First, it’s perfect for those who have thin hair prone to damage. Contrarily to clip-in extensions, the tapes are light and do not pull the hair. Thus, even if easy hair damage is your struggle, you can try out tape-in without any risk.

The tape-in extension method is a great match for anyone who likes to change their appearance quite often. Such extensions are easy to apply and remove. That means you can carry out a metamorphosis in less than an hour. The strands get attached to your natural hair with a help of a special tape – you don’t need any additional glue or clips. Before applying it, you should make sure that the hair is completely dry. Otherwise, you risk that the extensions will not bond well with the natural hair strands.

How to take care of tape in extensions?

Since they’re made with human hair, the extensions need appropriate care. Of course, not as much as your natural one, but still – you should wash it from time to time and apply conditioner. To ensure the best treatment, it’s worth investing in cosmetics made especially for hair extensions. This way, you can extend their durability. However, the cosmetics you use every day for haircare will work, too. You may check if the cosmetics you use do not contain sulfates (SLS, SLES) or unsaturated oils that could make the extensions look heavy and greasy. 

How to remove tape in hair extensions?

To keep the strand in place, you need to place it between your natural strands using the two-side tape. Taking off such extensions is much easier with a tape in extension remover that speeds up the whole process and prevents damage. Such products are available in every hair extension shop.