How Should You Care For a Newborn?

Pregnancy, childbirth, and delivery are not easy processes to undergo. New mums do not know what to do after receiving their baby and getting discharged from their doctor. The following guide is crucial for new moms to learn the basics of Argyle newborn care to help them feel confident in their efforts after arriving home with their newborn.

Get help

It can be tempting to want to do everything on your own because you feel responsible for your newborn. However, It does not help to want to handle everything immediately after being admitted. You have just undergone a traumatic event, childbirth, and may need some time to recover and regain your energy. Before receiving a discharge, it is essential to ask your doctor about the help you will need at home after it is all over and your baby has arrived. Getting an expert will help you navigate the process seamlessly without any hassles, giving you time to recover from childbirth.

You require expert assistance from feeding specialists or lactating consultations to help you appreciate when and how to feed your baby. A newborn is a delicate being who needs special handling. Having the proper nurse around you would be helpful to enable you to appreciate the appropriate ways of holding, burping, or caring for you. However, the expert you get from the hospital will only provide temporary help. It would be wise to invest in long-term assistance by hiring a postpartum doula who will provide in-home support for a short period after childbirth.

Although having friends and family around you could provide emotional and physical support, you should expect to deal with limitless opinions about how to handle your newborn. You should appreciate that your loved ones mean well and have the experience you should not dismiss. However, do not be afraid to do things how you want. Placing restrictions on your loved ones will prevent nagging about how to handle your newborn.

Handling a newborn

One of the most intimidating things about going home with your newborn is how to handle their fragility. Newborns are delicate, and this requires special care and attention. The following are essential tips to help you appreciate what to expect after your doctor discharges you from the hospital with your infant:

Wash your hands: Germs are everywhere. You should wash your hands before holding or feeding your baby to prevent spreading viruses or bacteria to them because they have a weak immune system that may not be ready to handle sickness.

Pay attention to the head and neck:

  • Your baby’s head and neck need support because the muscles within these organs ate still developing. Ensure you cradle the head to support the neck when your baby is upright or laying down.
  • Do not shake your baby: Shaking is aggressive to a newborn. You should avoid shaking your baby because this might cause brain bleeding, resulting in complications or death. If you want to wake your baby, tickle its feet or blow air on its cheek instead of shaking.
  • Your baby is not ready for rough play like being thrown in the air.

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