Importance of Expense Projections for Maintaining The Condo in Kaset area

Community associations, like living beings, evolve during their lifetime. A condo will thrive well if the association adapts to the improving society and its needs. That is why the real estate agents will always advise checking the management body of any Condo in Kaset area [คอน โด แถว เกษตร, which is the term in Thai] to ensure that you can rip the benefits of the investment over a long time. There are stages of the work process of any condo association. If the association pays heed to the changing needs of the structure, it will remain in a good state for the maximum time. 

Repair and maintenance

The duration of the first stage depends on various factors. An efficient homeowners’ association will always conduct regular assessments to cover the projected repair and maintenance costs if the association is proactive. Then the repairs will happen on time before the damages take a major form. But if the management is ignorant of the problems, then the damages can become significant, affecting the actual durability of the structure. Hence, you can discuss with the association’s management before investing in assessing their level of activity. 

Assessing the projections

Repair and maintenance work will continue to rise as the building begins its second stage of the life cycle. If the association is not futuristic, it cannot store enough nuts away for the future. This implies that there should be sufficient funds to ensure that the money deposits can now take care of the bigger expenditures that can come in the way. For the right arrangement of funds, the association has to make the projections accurately. Otherwise, it will affect the individual property values, too, creating difficulty in selling off the condo at a good profit margin. Delaying painting of the exterior and lack of landscaping maintenance can ruin the aesthetic and functionality of the buildings.