Is Robotic Surgery Right for You?

Robotic surgery uses an automated system to perform procedures on patients. Depending on the situation, it can be conducted alone or in conjunction with traditional open surgical approaches, such as minimally invasive surgery. Stamford robotic surgery is advantageous since it improves precision, flexibility, and control during surgery compared to traditional techniques. It can also be used for delicate surgical treatments that are often difficult to perform using other methods.

Why is robotic surgery gaining traction in the modern world?

Occasionally, specialists cannot traditionally perform exceedingly difficult procedures. Surgeons can thoroughly evaluate the region being operated on, thanks to robotic surgery. This provides surgeons with a clearer vision, which is highly advantageous. Because the operation is minimally intrusive, there is minor damage and scarring. The benefits of robotic surgery are available to both physicians and patients. It enables the surgeon to do surgery with previously unattainable precision. This is why robotic surgery is ideal for delicate procedures. During a typical operation, the doctor is expected to stand for hours while executing the process on the patient. This is not the case with robotic-assisted surgery. As a result, surgeon fatigue is reduced during robotic surgery since they can sit comfortably and guide the robot to duplicate their movements to complete the procedure.

Who is a suitable candidate for robotic surgery?

Most people are good candidates for robotic surgery. However, eligibility is determined by the individual and the treatment required. Because robotic surgery is being used more than ever, some people may not be appropriate, depending on their specific condition. You and your doctor must thoroughly explore whether robotic surgery is suitable for you. Your specialist will finally decide if you are a good candidate for robotic surgery or not because he will be aware of your medical history.

For instance, in robotic-assisted mitral valve repair, the patient must be good overall health. The patient should not have any calcium deposits on the valve leaflets and peripheral artery disease. If the patient wants to have robotic surgery, he should not have any significant coronary artery blockages. Furthermore, the patient should not have any form of the pulmonary condition. It would be best to meet many parameters to qualify for robotic surgery for some health problems.

What should you expect following robotic surgery?

Compared to traditional surgery, the recovery period for robotic surgery is shorter. However, the previous operation, medical history, and potential problems all play a part in determining what happens after robotic surgery. Some patients must stay in the hospital for two nights before being discharged. Others may have to wait a little longer. Typically, recuperation time is substantially shorter.

Is robotic surgery safe?

The safety of robotic surgery is dependent on the surgeon doing it. People are perplexed by the robotic surgical system because they believe it is a robot that makes the decisions. However, this is not the case. Every time, it is the surgeon. Robotic surgery is safe when the surgeon is appropriately trained to handle the robotic surgical equipment and is given thorough instructions on using it.

For more information about whether this procedure is right for you, call AMI Surgery or book an appointment today.

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