Learn About Branded Calling and Its Benefits

Introduction – 

Several people have this query regarding BCD (branded calling display), and they want to know whether it can work as a standalone product or not, or if people would require some other products or any kind of technology to make sure that it works. So, one of the important things that people should know is that you will need a foundational solution like CNO before using the BCD. CNO is also known as “caller name optimization.” The reliable call solutions offer a comprehensive support to the businesses which are looking forward to enhance their outbound call operations and enhance their contact rates, improve their customer experience and also for the protection of the brand of the companies or business.

Verification and Authentication with BCD

There are some good firms that offer a single standard-based interface through which the business can sign the outbound calls through stirred or shaken call authentication, and they can provide a branded call display experience all across their technology partner and carrier; there is no need for them to develop or create separate, non-scalable, proprietary interfaces. The call authentication solution also signs the calls with a stirred or shaken passport. After the call is verified end-to-end, the software that is on the receiving party’s phone will display the call data. Now, other queries that the customers have are, “Do they need an application to make the BCD work?” So, they should know that branded caller ID is accessible to people and over 250 million mobile devices, and there is no requirement for a customer app. You can also get the BCD to iOS devices and Android.

Installed Mobile App for BCD – 

Besides all of that, the branded call display will require a person to have a mobile app installed on their phones. BCD is at present available on the Google Pixel device line and also on T-Mobile’s network, along with certain plans to extend that to AT&T and Verizon. Another important query that people have with regards to the BCD is whether they need to work with their service provider to get the BCD. So, the answer is no. One of the most important benefits of BCD is that you will have to work with only one company. They will manage the caller ID across around 800 carriers, and they are trusted by more than 8,000 leading brands and businesses in fiscal services, healthcare, government, insurance, and much more. Other few queries that people have is as to how many consumers will the BCD or can the BCD reach. So, BCD is one such platform technology that can reach up to 100 million landlines and over 250 mobile devices. And, the BCDs, mobile display is likely to reach over 325 million devices by 2022.

Protecting brand reputation and reporting metrics 

Also, another important query that people have is whether they will get any metrics or reporting to show if BCD is enhancing answer rates, protecting their brand from spoofing, or improving customer service. Business reporting is available for the number of attempts that delivered BCD as well as the answer rates. There are many customers who do not know what calls they should answer or trust. So, in such a scenario, BCD is a new and breakthrough technology that allows businesses across industries to add settings to the mobile display, including location, logo, and reason for the call. Plus, it makes sure that the call is legit using STIR or SHAKEN call verification. This solution assists the business in enhancing answer rates and retention of customers, and improve the connection with the customers, get back the revenue and protect your brand from being called or thought as junk call.

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