Maintaining Your Floor’s Finish After New Hardwood Floor Installation

It is a great feeling to look around your home after a new hardwood floor installation.  The floors look so shiny, gorgeous, and clean.  Then reality sets in.  Thoughts of children in muddy shoes running across the floor dance through your mind.  The thought of moving furniture into the room makes you cringe.   Luckily, there is hope.  Follow these tips to keep your new hardwood floor looking beautiful.  


Be careful to always pick up furniture and place it gently on the floor, never drag it.  This will make scratches on the floor or even create more serious damage.  Also protect your floors by placing felt protectors under furniture.  The felt protectors allow you to gently move furniture across the floor without making scratches.  Just be sure to check them regularly and change the felt protectors if they get dirty.  Caster cups are another option to place under furniture to protect the floors, but these need to be picked up and moved along with the furniture.  


It is best to remove shoes when inside your home after new hardwood floor installation.  A rock stuck in the bottom of a shoe or dirt tracked in could mean scratches all over your floor.  Consider placing mats at all exterior doors to trap as much dirt and sand coming in from outside as possible.  Rugs at areas of transition or high traffic areas of your home can also help protect floors.  Choose rugs that will allow the floor to breathe.  Stay away from rubber backed mats, as these could rub on the floor and do not allow for enough air flow.  A final word on shoes.  Do not wear high heels on your hardwood floors.  If you must wear them, take special care to ensure the heel caps are in good shape.  

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

It is very important to keep your floors clean to maintain the finish.  Vacuum, sweep, or use a dust mop to get rid of grit regularly.  Invest in a hardwood floor cleaner and a soft cotton cloth to clean up wet spills.  Clean up any spills as quickly as possible so the liquid does not seep between boards.  Do not use oil soap or wax on your floors, these will dull or damage the finish.  Keep an eye on the floor,  when it starts to show signs of wear, it is time to recoat.  

By taking a little extra time to take care of your floors, you will extend its life and keep it looking great.  Follow these tips to make the most of your new hardwood floor.


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