Must visit Fishing resorts in Thailand

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Many fishers fantasize about catching massive alluring fish in a faraway tropical place. People fly thousands of miles to capture the mighty Arapaima or the monstrous Mekong Catfish of Southeast Asia. 

Thailand also has a variety of tropical fishing resorts. They include mythical animals from around the world, as well as Thailand’s best species. 

But what if you are searching for places to see all of the world’s most popular species all in one place? It’s as easy as going on a Thailand fishing trip and resorts. 

Some of the Must-visit fishing resorts are- 

Top cats fishing resort – The idealized private paradise of Koh Samui in Southern Thailand is home to Top Cats Fishing Resort. The fishing resort is set in a green jungle environment with palm trees and shrubs, and animals. The resort offers lakeside bungalows as well as restaurants on the premises. This lake is full of around 4,000 fishes and 30 different species. While fishing in this lake, Fishers have caught fishes weighing 150 kgs or more. Fishers have access to a well-stocked bait shop as well as a specialist advice service.

Exotic fish Mountain view resort – This is a stunning 10-acre reservoir flanked by limestone mountains in the magnificent province of Phang Nga. It is a one-hour distance from Phuket AirPort, and it is effortless to reach the resort conveniently. It has a wide variety of fish species with 60 plus exotic species, and fisheries have access to all facilities required for catching fishes from baits to rods etc.  

Fishing at IT Lake Monsters – You have the option of splitting your time between both the carp and monster lakes or spending the whole day predator fishing. On the freshwater lake, you can hope to see Siamese carp and Sheatfish. Arapaima, snakehead, alligator gar, tiger catfish, and other species can be found in the predator pool. This beautiful and tranquil freshwater lake is the home to a diverse population of local carps.