Online games work as a stress booster

In such stressful life, we all look out for ways that can make us stress-free and relaxed. There was a time when we play games to entertain ourselves and also develop different skills. But today, it is not possible to play outside or get some particular gaming device to play games. 

Today online games are played on mobile or websites, and thus it works as a stress booster for all. There is a wide range of games that can keep us entertained and are pretty enjoyable to play. I feel nostalgic remembering all the games played in my childhood, and getting an option to play it again is just overwhelming. 

Yes, some gaming websites where I play all the games that I use to enjoy in my childhood. One such website is, where I will find a range of games that are quite fun to play and also keep me engaged for hours. The best part is I can play these games on any device, and thus, there is no constraint of time and place.

Which online games makes me feel nostalgic?

Some of the games I use to play during my childhood are Pac man, soccer, pinball, tank wars, etc. Getting an option to play all these games again with some variation is quite joyful and nostalgic. But to my wonder, these games are now available for mobile devices, and I can play them again.

If you are also looking for some exciting games, visit online gaming websites. Games available at such sites are Adventure Time, Gun, Golf, Halloween, snake, Smurfs, Stickman, sports, and many more. The best part is these games are for children or youngsters, but adults will surely enjoy them. 

Below is the list of my favourite games that I can play at any time and thus make myself stress-free from such fast-moving life:

  • Pac Rat

It is inspired by Pac man, where the mouse can eat the cheese while getting saved by the cat. Yes, it is quite a fun-loving game that I enjoy even in my childhood, and getting an opportunity to play it again is so much fun.

It is pretty fun to control rat and move in different directions to eat cheese while the cat is chasing. The game is relatively easy to play and is easy as compared to the Pac man. It is fun to play a rat and cat game to be stress-free from the work pressure.

  • Archery stickman

It is a fun game that will teach physics to players. Yes, here we have to pull the bow back and set an angle to release it. The aim is to shoot the stickmen who are, in return targeting me. The controls of the game are quite easy and also is purely for entertainment.

  • Abandoned Tank Defender Base Defense game

The game makes me feel nostalgic as tank wars were one of my many favorite childhood games. In this game, we have to protect the abandoned tank against enemies. There is a different type of weapons that are even purchased while will go further in the game.

These weapons are to be used smartly to kill the enemies and thus save the tank from destroying. The game is quite simple to play and is best for its easy controls and impressive design.

  • 3D pool

We all might have played pool games some or the other day. So, to give fun and entertainment, this game is even available online. The 3D pool comes with eight ball billiards where we have to adjust the angle for the perfect shot.

It is pretty engaging as I try hard to get sunk all the balls and thus win the game. It also helps to practice the game to develop skills while playing in reality.

How can online games prove beneficial?

  • It is hard to find time to play games on a particular gaming console, so getting an option to play these online games on the device makes it quite comfortable. It is easy to play games whenever I am free and thus make myself relaxed.
  • Playing online games can work as a stress booster and also built works as learning skills. Yes, we always say that children should not play games, but these games often help children improve their learning and understanding skills.
  • There is an extensive collection of games at, and so it can keep one entertained and engaged for a long time. Many of these games are just for enjoyment and don’t have challenges that make it more enjoyable to play.
  • Online games also help to increase concentration and also improves multitasking skills. Often, we play games while doing other work, and this helps to increase our multitasking skills.

Conclusion In all online playing games at various sites will help us to get relieved from such fast-moving life. It will help to get a break from routine work and also make us feel energetic. I enjoy playing these games in my free time, and if you are also looking for any such entertainment, try out these types of online games.