Parallel Importers Vs. Authorised Dealers: A Buying Guide In Singapore

The smell of a new car is always. Seeing and flexing your four wheels on the road always feels exciting. Who doesn’t want a Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid or a Sedan in Singapore?

However, one can never deny that cars in Singapore don’t come to be relatively cheap. As a result of the various components contributing to the price of an automobile, a vehicle that begins at $20,000 ends up costing $95,000.

You may find it scary to even go window shopping with so much to pay. But the good news is, your dream car can be yours at a much lower price with the help of a parallel car importer in Singapore.

Instead of importing yourself a Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid in Singapore, parallel importers (PIs) are a considerably more cost-effective option.

What Are Parallel Car Importers In Singapore?

The first thing to know is that a parallel car importer in Singapore sources their vehicles straight from the countries like Japan or Thailand, where they manufacture them before shipping. A parallel importer is more like a vehicle dealer than a wholesaler.

Importing automobiles in parallel is legal, but you should proceed with caution and only deal with licensed and well-established parallel importers. It is best to be

Since they can’t be an official Toyota dealer in Singapore, they can still import the car as long as they have the authorisation from the government. The authorised distribution company orders, imports, and sells vehicles following factory specifications. Officials don’t consider them distributors because they’re re-sellers rather than suppliers.

Choosing Between A Parallel Car Importer Or An Authorised Dealer?

If you are deciding between an authorised dealer and a parallel car importer in Singapore, here’s how you can make a decision.

Expensive and cheaper pricing

A parallel car importer in Singapore charges lower prices than authorised sellers when it comes to car prices. Aside from paying for distribution rights, authorised dealers also have to consider costly operating expenses. They require eye-catching showrooms, a sizable workforce, promotional efforts, and so on. These overheads get reflected in the pricing of their automobiles.

It is not uncommon to find a  parallel car importer in Singapore who can price their vehicles more affordably because of decreased costs.

Guaranteed warranty

Compared to a parallel car importer in Singapore, authorised dealers frequently have better parts and warranty assistance. As a result, these cars are often of superior quality because they are purchased directly from the factory and not modified after they arrive.

If you have hired a PI as your new car dealer in Singapore, they may often offer a warranty and coverage that will depend on your agreement.

Range of cars available

Authorised dealers will order your car just as you’ve specified it from the manufacturer. However, what’s ideal about a parallel car importer in Singapore is that they have a greater selection of cars than authorised dealerships. They often carry hybrid and limited-edition vehicles that aren’t available in a dealership’s inventory.


With a parallel car importer in Singapore, you can choose from various automobile brands. So they can resale a wide variety of automobiles, as any distribution agreement does not constrain them. If you wish to purchase a Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid or a Sedan in Singapore, you can rely on their offered range of choices.

By having them as your new car dealer in Singapore, you can choose from a wide range of automobile brands and models, allowing you to get the model you want.

Quality of car

Automakers tightly regulate the quality of a car’s construction, whether it comes from an AD or a PI. A registered and experienced parallel car importer in Singapore, on the other hand, purchases and imports their automobiles from the nation of origin of the automobile brand.

They can be a Honda, Mazda and Toyota dealer in Singapore, and you can be sure that the quality would be comparable to an AD.

Availability of replacement parts

An authorised dealer has a far more significant and extensive replacement or spare components stock than a parallel car importer in Singapore. However, PIs order the parts and components directly from the manufacturer’s country of origin.

Is Parallel Importing Allowed In Singapore?

A parallel car importer in Singapore is entirely legal, but it is essential to distinguish between qualified and those who are not.

To avoid fraud or scams, see the difference between a licensed and an unlicensed PI by looking at CaseTrust Accreditation Scheme and Singapore Vehicle Traders Association (SVTA). Before signing with a new car dealer in Singapore, investigate the history and consumer testimonials. If you know a person who bought one before, you may also ask for their advice and opinion.

How To Become A Smart Car Buyer

Do your research

It is possible that your chosen parallel car importer in Singapore is legitimate, while others may be fraudulent and unreliable. Because of this, it is essential to perform some research about the company before making a final decision. Look at the company’s history, accomplishments, and customer feedback.

Offer to pay in instalments.

Many people aren’t aware that vehicle sales associates abandon their customers after taking significant amounts from them. As a result, buyers should avoid making complete advance payments. Make sure you ask for an instalment before signing your new car dealer in Singapore.

Clear the details about the warranty

As mentioned above, a parallel car importer in Singapore compared to an authorised dealer don’t have their facilities for warranty or spare parts. It is best to conduct a little investigation and identify a parallel importer with their factory when looking for further assurance.

Even though the price is more, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your automobile is incapable and trustworthy even after you’ve purchased it.

Shop From a Reliable Parallel Car Importer in Singapore

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