Practical and Available COVID-19 Tests

Covid-19 is a highly infectious condition resulting from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The disease affects the respiratory system and may start mildly but progress if you do not seek medical attention. There are ways you can find out if you have Covid-19: Otsego, MN Covid testing is the easiest way to get answers in your state.

What is Covid-19 testing?

Covid-19 testing involves collecting samples and analyzing them to detect any traces of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The test may also trace any production of antibodies that respond to the infection. These tests help in assessing the prevalence of the disease.

What are the available tests for Covid-19?

There are several available tests you may find available for covid-19. These tests can be:

  •                     PCR test

PCR is a polymerase chain reaction. This test detects genes from an organism like a virus. PCR test can detect a virus if it’s present when you go for a test. The test may also notice bits of the virus after you are not infected anymore. This test can analyze specimens from your respiratory, searching for any genetic material of SARS-CoV-2, the causative virus for covid-19. This test is very reliable and offers accurate and correct results; this is the standard test for covid-19.

  •                     Antigen test

This test detects specific proteins in the virus. It offers quick results, but there may be cases where your sample may go to the lab for analysis. However, the test has the possibility of giving false-negative results. Therefore there is a great need to follow instructions to get the most accurate results and avoid false negatives. Your doctor may recommend a PCR test if the antigen test gives a negative to confirm the results thoroughly.

What happens during testing for covid-19?

You may have to request your appointment first before visiting the facility for testing. It would be best to arrive on time for your testing for quick services. During the testing, your doctor may lightly push a nasal swab into your nostrils and swirl it around the nose for just a few seconds to gather enough specimens. The antigen test results may be out in less than 15 minutes, while the PCR test may take a bit longer, up to 48 hours. The team will work to ensure you get your results as soon as possible. Your doctor may recommend group testing; this group testing ensures that results are quick and can account for many people at once.

Who should get a covid-19 test?

You may have to get a covid-19 test if you start developing any of the following symptoms:

  •                     Fever and chills
  •                     Difficulty breathing
  •                     Sore throat
  •                     Headache
  •                     Fatigue

Not all symptoms are a sign of covid-19, and you may have covid-19 but not develop symptoms. If you start feeling ill or unwell, visit your doctor to check off the possibility of Covid-19. You may also have to take precautions to avoid the risk of spread if you have covid-19, and always be keen on your symptoms.

If you have any symptoms or would wish to learn more about Covid-19, visit GatherWell COVID Testing to get a test. You can check the website and request an appointment online.

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