Questions And Statements To Avoid While On A Date With A TS Escort

Transgender individuals have always been an interesting topic. So, how do you react when you meet a transgender for the first time, or say learn about their status? Well, you are obviously curious to know everything there is, but that doesn’t mean you can ask them anything and everything. 

TS escorts of agencies like LOveSita deal with plenty of clients on regular basis. They report that most of their clients are gentlemen and it is great to spend time with them. However, some are boors as well. Now, if you don’t want to put yourself in the latter group, it is crucial that you do a little homework on appropriate conduct while you are with her. Following are some questions and statements which you must avoid at all costs when you are on a date with a trans escort. 

Things you must never ask or say to a transgender escort

  1. Did you go through a surgery?

Think of it like this, how would you feel if someone asks you about your genitalia, and that someone is neither your urologist nor your gynecologist? Now, that is exactly how a transgender person would feel. Besides, the details about whether she has been through a surgery or not doesn’t concern you, so don’t ask about it. 

  1. When did you decide to become a transgender?

Well, would you ask this question to your newly gay or lesbian friend? Certainly not, then why do you have to ask such a question to your TS escort? The simple answer to this, which you already know, is they are born that way. They start figuring out that they are different from an early age, but there is not decision to make. That’s what they already are. 

  1. You look exactly like a man/woman, I wasn’t able to figure out that you are a trans.

Well, you might be trying to complement your escort here, but what it exactly sounds like is you are saying that she isn’t a real man or a woman. Keep in mind, they are real human beings, so it is obvious that they are going to look and seem very much real. 

  1. Are you gay or lesbian?

Well, there is not particular side where you can put trans people. Their sexual preference is not defined by their gender, just like with every other human. They are as diverse about sexuality as any human being can be. 

  1. You do everything in bed, right?

Again, keep in mind that they are normal human beings. If you sleep in your bed, so do they and if you read a little, so do they. 

  1. What is your real name?

The real name of your escort is what she is telling you. If she decides that she wants to tell you that her parents named her Mark, it’s her choice. However, if she is informing you that her name is Monica, then that’s what it is. 

So, you see. There are so many things which are inappropriate to say to a transgender, and can simply upset her. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your evening with her, avoid such topics.