Reasons To Consider Fertility Preservation

In the current society, it is pretty common for women to postpone childbearing till later in life due to career choices and other circumstances. Regrettably, for most women, this delay puts them at a huge disadvantage in getting pregnant in their mid to late 30s or 40s. For this reason, Wayne fertility preservation serves as an ‘insurance policy’ that allows younger women, preferably below 35 years, to have a backup plan if they fail to conceive naturally later on. Nonetheless, whereas no technology can ensure future fertility, this measure can considerably enhance your likelihood of getting pregnant in the future. Read on to discover more reasons why women increasingly resort to fertility preservation.

  1.     Gonadotoxic Concerns

Numerous conditions can put your fertility at risk. Some of these disorders, such as fibroids, endometriosis, and malignant and benign tumors of the reproductive organs, have a direct effect. Nevertheless, for most of these concerns, it is not the medical concern by itself but instead treatment that results in fertility loss.

It is well-known that some forms of radiation and chemotherapy employed to address most malignant and some benign illnesses can significantly harm your reproductive organs. Whether you suffer from reduced fertility or the total loss of potential to conceive or sustain a full-term pregnancy, your chances of establishing or growing your family are affected. Thus, preserving sperms or eggs ahead of such treatments protects or improves your likelihood of having a biological kid later on. 

  1.     Trans-Gender Care

Fertility preservation is becoming a standard aspect of transgender medical treatment. Some components of the gender-affirming changeover, such as eliminating testicles or ovaries for trans-males and females, respectively, result in permanent reproductive loss. At University Reproductive Associates, the OBGYN physicians suggest that trans-persons protect their fertility via the different preservation techniques before beginning gender-transformative surgery. 

  1.     Aging

Last but not least, aging is a completely natural process that inevitably results in fertility loss, particularly in females. Surprisingly, two factors have emerged as important drivers of childbearing delay and general maternal age increase over recent years. Innovations in technology, medicine, and science have contributed to a huge increase in life expectancy. Besides, there has been a considerable leveling of women’s societal responsibilities in pursuing professional and education professions, which typically come at the expense of deferring family-building ambitions.

Fortunately, women and men alike no longer have to worry about a child in their later years. Through fertility preservation at University Reproductive Associates, you can enjoy being a mother or father later in life.

  1.     Couples with Moral or Ethical Issues

Considering moral and ethical concerns, some couples might opt to delay having a baby. Maybe you want to wait until you are married, or your culture demands that you cannot have a kid unless you have built a home; fertility preservation can help. Store your sperms and eggs for as long as you would like; till you are ready for a baby.

Now that you understand why people consider fertility preservation, do any of the factors highlighted above apply to you? If so, you can reach out to the OBGYN experts at University Reproductive Associates. Your doctor will take you through the different fertility preservation techniques you should use, including egg or embryo freezing, ovarian tissue freezing, and In-Vitro maturation. Arrange an initial consultation through mobile or request online to discover what option is appropriate for you.

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