Right Avenues for Your Chances

Right Avenues for Your Chances

In addition to meetings with obvious favorites (especially if they play at home), when the odds on the triumph of one of the teams drop to 1.1-1.3, it is not recommended to bet on matches of giants like Chelsea Manchester United , Real Madrid Barcelona”, “Milan” “Roma”. Of course, it makes no sense to load “Juventus” “Chievo” into the games, because Veronets are unlikely to create any moments at the gates of “Juve”. Unless the leader decides to release a second roster ahead of important matches in the Champions League or when there is already no 토토사이트 site tournament motivation.

No Recommendation

It is not recommended to take football matches from Italy, the country, Ukraine, Greece, Slovenia and Portugal due to the low average performance of the championships.

  • It is better to refrain from “both will score” if there are opponents with reliable defense who like to “park a bus”. Classic examples are Rubin, but it can even be grandees for example, Manchester United or Chelsea. A lot here will depend on the coach. For example, Jose Mourinho or Antonio Conte is not averse to “dry” the game, so their teams are best removed from the list.
  • We bypass the event with coefficients less than 1.9. It is estimated that the “both will score” bet in football has a passability of about 52% of matches, which corresponds to 1.93 bookmaker quotes. To make a profit, the permeability of our rates must be more than 55%. It makes no sense to bet on events with coefficients like 1.5-1.6, since the level of access remains the same. 

Cross out the cup battles in football. They are hard to predict due to strange results. It was often noticed, for example, how Madrid Real Madrid flew out of the Spanish Cup from fans from D3, and Tyumen beat CSKA. It is rarely possible to give a confident forecast for performance, and the task of many underdogs is to reach the 11-meter post-match.

Soccer strategy

Football is a low-performing game compared to the same hockey, basketball or volleyball, but meeting with the outcome “both will score” is far from rare here. This bet can be very safe in case you have not correctly determined the outcome.

Perhaps the most striking strategy is BTTS (Both teams to score). Below are some tips for using it:

Before placing a bet, we look for clubs for which the patency of this indicator for the last 10 meetings would be at least 60%. We take into account only the games within one tournament. Take the duel of the German Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund Hoffenheim. Statistics of their last 10 battles looks like this.


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