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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the most common chronic diseases an individual may develop or encounter involve the respiratory systems, affecting the airways all the way to the lungs. In the most recent statistics by WHO, over 262 million people across the globe suffer from one of the most common chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs), asthma. Considering the high level of asthma patients, many specialists developed different types, filters, and modes for an indoor air purifier. Air purifiers are now up for grabs in the market to help with the breathing and air quality of these 262 million people.

With or without asthma, you are still exposed to plenty of particles, dirt, and air pollutants that may fan the flames of potential respiratory-related diseases. Even when you are at home, you are at risk of toxins. You can invest in a home air purifier in Singapore to get rid of unwanted indoor pollutants. To resolve your curiosity, here are some things you need to know.


An air cleaner in Singaporefunctions for cleaning and sanitising the air within a room or a space. It disinfects pollutants, dust particles, animal hair, allergens, and any types of air toxins. An indoor air purifier can help with the following purposes:


If you have a nasal allergy, it is best to buy an air purifier in Singaporedesigned for relieving allergies and has multiple layers of air filter cleaners. Look for an indoor air purifierwith a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Purifiers with HEPA filters come with a fine mesh that can effectively confine harmful air pollutants. Some of the most common airborne triggers for allergies are pollen, animal or pet dander, and dust mites. An indoor air purifier with HEPA filters can also block and cleanse tobacco or cigarette smoke, which can also disturb your senses and cause allergies.



Since 2019, an estimate of over US$20.7 billion has been spent on asthma patients alone. Asthma is the leading chronic respiratory disease, affecting a large number of children, but can also develop in adults. A human with asthma is vulnerable to low-quality air. If you have asthma or live with a family member who suffers from the said respiratory disease, a home air purifier in Singapore is the most significant investment you can get. Exposure to foul odours, air particles, or chemical pollutants may irritate and trigger asthma patients. An indoor air purifier can eliminate these irritants and help patients with mild cases of asthma. However, if symptoms are severe, it would be ideal to seek medical help.


For people with asthma, nasal allergies or allergic rhinitis, or any lung-respiratory conditions, mould particles can be a health hazard. Indoor mould particles are particularly life-threatening. Mould has properties that can generate spores. If asthma patients breathe these spores, they will start to cough, pant, or sneeze, until their eyes water, which triggers their asthma. It could also develop into more severe and serious symptoms, such as chest infections, flu, chills, and rhinitis. Mould particles can put you more at risk. It is best to invest in an air purifier in Singapore to eradicate these allergens. Also, bear in mind that an indoor air purifier can only help eliminate air pollutants but not totally cure your asthma.


The perks of having a home air purifier in Singapore with HEPA filters is that it can also help with the air you inhale. Air purifiers with HEPA filters can cleanse smoke, filter ashes or soot, and block cigarette fumes. The entirety of a tobacco or cigarette, including the ashes, fumes, nicotine, and smell, can fan the flames of respiratory and lung-related conditions.

An air cleaner in Singapore does not only work for cigarette smoke but can also hinder smoke from environmental fires, electric smoke, and the like. If you have asthma or chronic respiratory disease, it would be best to get an indoor air purifier for your home.



According to a study in Canada in 2018, one of the most common triggers for asthma patients is animal dander. If by any chance, an individual with asthma inhaled a piece of animal fur, they will start to experience chest tightness. Then, they will gradually suffer from shortness of breathing until it turns to full-blown asthma attacks. If you have a pet, having an indoor air purifier is essential, whether you have asthma or not.

The symptoms they may also go through are a runny and itchy nose, sore throat, watery and red eyes, and rashes. Some of the best ways to help are:

  • Frequently bathing your pet
  • Get a home air purifier in Singapore with HEPA air filters
  • Take your asthma medications
  • Steam-clean your carpet
  • Use a vacuum cleaner for the other furniture pieces, such as your sofa, table, dining seats
  • Frequently change your clothes after playing with your pet
  • Keep your pet away from your bedroom
  • Wear a mask when playing or exposing yourself to your pet


Did you know that aside from allergens, there are other toxins in your home? Cleaning products, disinfecting solutions, linen sprays, personal care products, and other chemicals can also be the triggers for your nasal allergies or asthma. These indoor toxins can be dangerous to your respiratory system and body without an indoor air purifier. Purifiers can function and reduce the odour of these chemicals and toxins. When purchasing a home air purifier in Singapore,you can ask for a model that has HEPA filters, activated carbon, and multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) features. It may be a tad pricey, but these units can filter and cleanse chemicals to make the airflow within your home safe.

Final Remarks

Having an air cleaner in Singapore can detoxify all the impurities, toxins, and pollutants in the air. Given that the world contains toxic chemicals from factories, carbon monoxide emissions from vehicles, and the most recent coronavirus disease (COVID-19), it is practical to ensure the safety of the air you breathe. At these times, it is necessary to invest in your health. You can purchase an indoor air purifier for your home or a portable air purifier ideal for going out or running errands.

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