Signs That Your Dog is Bored and How to Deal With It

It is hard to resist the charm of your dog’s face. The way it comes to you and seeks love and affection is adorable. But while you have multiple ways to keep yourself entertained, dogs rely on you for their entertainment. You are everything to them and if you don’t pay enough attention, they will feel bored after a while. In fact, they even start exhibiting symptoms of their boredom in many ways.

  1. Digging

Most dog owners think that their pet loves to dig. They can go on for hours if they find a suitable spot. But that’s not a healthy sign at all. It means your dog has nothing to do in the house and is feeling so bored that he/she prefers to take a dig in the garden instead of playing with his/her toys. Therefore, when you see your dog go digging, try engaging him/her with a fun activity. But make sure you are present.

For example, you can teach your dog to chase bubbles. It doesn’t involve too much physical effort from your end and dogs tend to love this game.

  1. Barking

Excessive barking is also a sign of your dog’s boredom. Dogs usually bark when they are hungry and if they see a stranger in the house. Some dogs even bark when they hear the sound of a siren. But excessive barking means your dog is feeling agitated that no one is paying attention to him/her. You should make your dog the center of attention once you come home. Honestly, with their adorable face, you can’t not pay attention to them when they are around.

The best way to appease their barking is by giving them the best wet dog food. If your dog doesn’t stop barking, it means he/she is asking for more than just food. It is better not to bribe your dog with his/her old pets and get away. Don’t try that trick on your dog because dogs are usually smarter than that. They will understand your move and may not want to accept your bribe. Therefore, take your dog out for a walk. Or maybe play fetch-the-ball in your garden.

  1. Pawing

Again, this is such an adorable symptom that you may not understand what your dog is trying to convey. You think your dog is calling you just the way you call your wife. By touching her gently. In your dog’s case, he/she will pawn at you. It’s like waving at you to get your attention. And that’s precisely what they want. Some dogs even follow their masters wherever they go. This is another sign of boredom for your dog.

In such cases, instead of brushing or pushing it away, you should give cuddle your dog. You can even prepare small treats or give dog biscuits whenever he/she pawns at you.

Dogs love attention. And if you want to keep your pet happy, make sure you give that attention. After all, they can’t binge Netflix like you when you feel bored. They are special. And you should make them feel extra-special.

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