Stuck At Home? Try Online Yoga With Glo

With many people sheltering in place and self-quarantining, the face of fitness has changed drastically. People cannot go to group classes or the gym. However, this doesn’t mean there are no options. Online workouts, especially yoga, have soared in popularity, and for good reason!

Getting Started With Yoga Online

You need very little to enjoy online yoga: a connected device, a little space, a yoga mat, and some comfortable clothing. You can make do with a t-shirt and sweats if you don’t have workout gear, and no one can get close enough to tell if you haven’t showered today! Being able to try yoga from the comfort of your own home it appealing to those who might be overwhelmed at the idea of doing yoga with others.

Online yoga offers all the mental and physical health benefits of in-person yoga, including increased flexibility and muscle tone and stress relief, and comes with the ability to log in whenever you feel like, whether it’s for 10 minutes or an hour. In fact, users may be able to reap the benefits of yoga even if they practice it only one hour per week.

With online yoga providers such as Glo, users can add the app to their phones, Apple TVs, or smart watches, or log on from their computers. Glo even offers customized plans. Just answer a few questions, and you’re good to go, even if this is your first time trying yoga.

Find the Right Class for You

Yogis have the option of picking from hundreds of pre-recorded videos and saving their favorites to reference time and again or trying something new every time to keep their minds and bodies stimulated. There are videos for every skill type, whether you’re just learning or maintaining your yoga skills. Courses with multiple chapters go beyond yoga into self-discovery and growth over time.

Glo offers various styles of yoga for every stage of life from prenatal to Tao Yin to restorative yoga and hybrid pilates. Yoga can be adapted for specific body needs, and these workouts are effective yet gentle. Users can also check out related skills and practices with Glo, to experience further health and mental benefits, including meditation and breathwork.

Join a Community

Just because it’s online yoga doesn’t mean that it doesn’t foster connection, either. Teachers and users can join the Glo community to connect with others about their health and well-being. This community can also offer tips to those who need to adapt yoga positions or who want to improve their technique.

Of course, you can always invite your family for online yoga. Even the little ones can get in on the fun and wellness right from the living room, and partner yoga videos are excellent when you have someone at home to lend a helping hand.

With Glo’s 15-day free trial, you can try online yoga without any risks to see if it’s for you. Once you experience the benefits of yoga, you may never want to go back.

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