Surprising sports you bet on with Toto

Toto betting has become deeply ingrained in Asian culture, with millions tuning in weekly to wager small stakes on the likely outcomes of football (soccer) matches. While football remains the undeniable bread and butter, did you know most licensed bookmakers now offer odds and exotic betting markets across 20+ unexpected sports too? 


Perhaps the fastest growing modern phenomenon comes via Esports – organized video game competitions between professional gamer teams at the international level. Mirroring physical sports, spectators bet on match victories in games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counterstrike, and more across thousands of annual tournaments. Consider that globally Esports now generates higher viewer numbers than most traditional sports outside soccer and the NFL, underlining its lucrative betting upside. Expect odds and betting props to expand quickly in tandem with surging Asian interest, especially among Millennial and Gen Z audiences.  

Table tennis

Table tennis strikes many as a casual hobby or an Olympic sideshow. Yet competitive pro circuits across China and Europe facilitate lucrative betting worth BILLIONS in handle annually. Top players compete in International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) sanctioned events almost daily, functioning like ATP tennis but with way more matches to cover odds across. From handicap spreads to total points scored, game winners, and more, ping pong betting presents trader dream parlays and accumulators linking outcomes across concurrent competitions worldwide. The action never stops – be sure to check these niche markets!


Although domestic Asian leagues and marquee international contests like the ICC World Cup, The Ashes, and the Indian Premier League enrapture India and neighboring nations, global betting volumes still significantly trail football. However, increased live streaming accessibility in recent years brings cricket betting to worldwide punters. Wager not just on overall victories but also batsman scoring prop bets, bowling feats, innings run totals, 10 over market derivatives, and more. The sport’s affinity towards statistics and record-keeping translates perfectly for savvier probability judges. Try getting your head around cricket math models!


While not immediately conjuring images of edge-of-seat excitement, professional golf events scheduled practically year-round across world tours offer underrated betting value. That’s because player performance variances and historic course proficiencies make predicting winners hugely challenging for odds compilers. Consider also fast-moving developments during tournaments – weather changes, injury withdrawals, mental composure swings. Cases routinely emerge of early longshots suddenly leading after just two rounds highlighting golf betting’s sheer volatility. This injects value for eagle-eyed punters’ nailing upsets. You can obtain more information by visiting


More niche still comes professional darts circuits, which enjoy immense UK betting support. Top players compete on the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) Tour in over 30 countries annually. Events range from small ~30-player invitationals to the mammoth 96-man PDC World Darts Championship crowning the year’s champion. Fans bet on overall event winners, individual match outcomes, set scores, total 180s thrown, finishing averages, and even randomly assigned shirt colors. Significantly, darts events are 100% televised enabling viewers to leverage player psychology and momentum changes to their advantage in live betting scenarios too. Give darts an arrow’s shot!