Tech to Help You Stay Safe Online

Online Privacy & Security Guide For Netizens |

Over the past few months in particular, online privacy and data protection has only become more important as changes to the popular phone manufacturer of Apple has seen big leaps forward in transparency for the way apps use data. We’ve becoming increasingly reliant on many different online services now too, whether it be for day-to-day utility like internet banking and paying the bills, through to the likes of online entertainment with gaming sites here too – but if you’re looking to stay safe online, what big tech changes can help you ensure safety?

VPNs still remain at the top of the list for many – VPNs have long been used as a way to stay anonymous online and to remain secure online – but they did take a little knock for some after it was discovered that certain services weren’t using your data in the way that they had suggested they were. That doesn’t mean all are bad, however, as there are many solid VPNs still available that are used widely without being overly expensive, and if you’re looking for a way to ensure your own safety online whether that be on PC or on your mobile, these are a great tech choice to get started with. 

Password Managers – A growing number of people have started to realise the utility of a password manager, whether that be just keeping everything safe and secure, or gaining access to tools like password generators that create complex passwords for you to use. Many rely on a subscription service although at a relatively low cost, but there are plenty of great free versions too – given passwords are often the target of where security is lacking for many, taking advantage of a password manager can certainly help step up your own online security, and help you learn practices that help in all aspects of online security too. 

Apps and extensions have come a long way too – One of the big pushes forward particularly for browser protection has been with a number of different extensions – coming through in the form of script blockers or with apps allowing different permissions to apps and are a great way to monitor your own online usage too. It’s worth checking up on some of the most highly rated to discover how they may be able to help keep you protected online, and with apps in particular to understand how the different permissions requested could cause a problem with broad allowance too. 

Online safety is certainly topping the list of things to see a lot of change moving forward, so getting ahead of the curve isn’t necessarily a bad idea and may particularly be of importance if other companies get on board with allowing more change in favour of protection to come through.