The Best Of Spiritual Necklace Pendants For You

The Best Of Spiritual Necklace Pendants For You

In the jewelry environment there is an infinite variety of jewels that contain a meaning that will allow you to show them off with each of the outfits. On many occasions we select certain jewels that will later become the protagonists of our look and even some will give us an extra percentage of good vibes.

The symbols are, from its beginnings, a very important part for the existence of the human race. Cavemen and women used various symbols in their daily lives to communicate and interact with each other. If we go back through history, symbols proved to have played an important role in the expression of love, power, strength, spirituality and belief. This is how “symbolic jewelry” came about and gained great popularity among the people. In the early days, people were very obsessed with symbols and used it a lot to express love for their friends and family. And so the jewelry was designed in different patterns that conveyed a discreet message and strong meaning.

Below, it is explained the most popular symbols present in silver jewelry mean.

Tree of Life

In the case of the tree of life, there is the fact that it is a crucial symbol in the history of many cultures, which is why there are different designs. That is why it is one of the most used representations in jewelry spiritual.

Jewelers are often inspired by the design of this symbol to create various accessories such as necklace, bracelets and hoops preferably.

Fatima’s hand

The Hand of Fatima represents blessings, power and strength, as well as protection against the evil eye, considered a protective amulet. The five fingers of the hand of fatima has that power to protect, it brings out good luck and endows with the qualities of patience, fertility and fidelity. One can use it as pendant in a chain as well.

Dream Catcher

The time you use to sleep is very important in your life especially to make the most of the moment of sleep. For this reason, in many bedrooms there is an object that safeguards those dreams, the dreamcatcher. The word “dreamcatcher” comes from the English. It has its origin in the language of the indigenous tribe of the Ojibwa, of which this amulet called “asabikeshiinh”, which means spider, is proper. People use to wear keep it at the bedside or wear as a pendant or necklace.


For astrology, it represents love, family, freedom and sincerity. Likewise, it happens to be identical with an equilibrium of forces, a duality and fusion of opposite situations or people, such as day and night, light and dark, life and death, or the feminine and the masculine. In the spirit world, the number 8 symbolizes infinity and it uses to have the ability to heal, and alleviate physical and mind pain and soul. 


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