The Biggest Location Independent Business Sectors

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Whilst one of the big changes for business over the past year has perhaps been the potential permanent shift for many over to remote working, and whilst some will return to normal, many will expect the changes for more options in remote to become available, but the other big change for business could see the further rise of location independent businesses once again, as many look for ways to add more versatility and flexibility to their working schedule – but where are the biggest opportunities for location independent businesses, and how can you best approach them?

Freelancing continues to lead the way – Coming in all shapes and sizes, freelancing has long been the backbone for location independent work – the design and coding industry have led the way for a longer period of time being amongst the most popular options, but with new services and sites popping up like Fiverr, it has enabled many more people to make the shift where they may have been otherwise unable through concerns around time or ability to build a business presence – these online services have allowed the change to freelancing as the exposure is already there, and the only requirement is to put in the time for the work itself.

Social media has opened up many possibilities too – The rise of influencers and other sectors driven by social media have opened up entire new possibilities for location independent businesses too – for many at it’s often a recommendation for a sector to explore given how big it has become and how many different opportunities there are in the space. Not only including platforms like Facebook and Instagram, content creation through Twitch and YouTube also fall under this umbrella and are able to provide a unique opportunity for those with the skills, and with salary numbers often quoted to be so high, it can be very lucrative if you’re able to get in to the right space.

Remote working has led to further options for coaching and similar spaces – Whilst remote working itself has changed the business environment with the growth of platforms like Zoom, this has dramatically helped those who rely on video calls and conferencing as part of their location independent business through the likes of coaching for example – online courses are bigger than they’ve ever been, and if you’ve managed to get set-up early this can certainly be a great time for expansion as many are searching for options not just in specific job training, but in coaching for all sorts of hobbies and interests too. As further platforms like the previously mentioned Fiverr accommodate this interest, much like freelancing there are opportunities to be found without the necessity for groundwork to build presence, as the exposure already exists.

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