The Biggest Streaming Services

Whether it be through video-on-demand or livestreaming, content creation has become a huge part of our day to day lives through big releases from Hollywood studios through to the influencers who make up large parts of social media. The biggest streaming services in the world have moved from strength to strength over the past year during the lockdown efforts, and look to do the same throughout 2021 – but which are the biggest streaming services to use?

HBO Max, Apple TV, Netflix and other streaming apps confirmed for Xbox  Series launch – Digital TV Europe(Image from

Netflix – The video-on-demand giant has been leading the way for online content for a long time, with a huge library of original titles from movie to TV that have captured the minds of many, through to being amongst the first big subscription-based services to still remain relevant today. The successes have certainly been passed on to the subscribers too – throughout 2021, Netflix have stated they will be releasing at least one new feature length movie every week for a total of 71 new releases this year alone, over triple what the closest studio has been able to accomplish, and with big names on the roster including Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds, amongst many others. Other platforms will certainly have to take note, as it will be quite the example to follow. 

Twitch – The livestreaming giant has been the home of gaming since its inception a decade ago and continues to be the biggest livestreaming service available for many. Part of the huge success has been the growth of streaming hand in hand with the growth of esports which has managed to find a permanent and fixed home on the platform, with widespread integration for many of the games and supporting markets that have allowed new fans to bet on esports, Twitch shows no signs of slowing. With some of the biggest content creators utilising this platform every day and shaping the world of online entertainment in gaming too, Twitch could certainly lead the future for online streaming.HBO Max – Widely known for being amongst the largest platforms with two of its most successful titles in Game of Thrones and Chernobyl, the platform fell off very quickly following the ending of both. It was recently announced that Hollywood studio Warner Bros would be partnering with HBO Max to see all of the big movie releases for the year launch directly to the online streaming service alongside cinema releases, with titles such as Dune and the Matrix 4 on offer, it’s widely expected that this service will have its time in the light once again. Whilst also leading the way for this change, success here could certainly encourage other studios to follow, and other online streaming platforms to find the same success.