The Minor Complications: The Day Of The Week

It is precisely the more straightforward complications such as the date display or the second time zone that make everyday life easier. The most common complication is obvious: the date. Watches that indicate the day of the week are just as practical. Here is an overview of the presentation of this helpful complication.

What Does The Clock With A Weekday Display Usually Look Like?

Theoretically, a weekday display is conceivable as the sole complication, and it has already been implemented in this form. However, most of the time, there is a day of the week with a date. The most common display is a window with the three-letter abbreviation of the day, as provided in the Eta-Valjoux 7750 chronograph caliber or the Eta three-hand 2836 movement.

These large-series calibers offer English weekday discs with intermediate fields in German: the wearer can choose a language when setting the watch, which is then retained when the disc leaps.

A current example of Weekday thanks ETA automatic caliber 2836 is the Grand aviator Airport of Tutima. It shows the date and the present day of the week at three o’clock. A 43-millimeter stainless steel case protects the movement. The Tutima Grand Flieger Airport has a blue dial with a degrading effect.

Which Variants Does The Clock With Weekday Display Still Offer?

On the day of the week, they were written out in full.

An advertisement that has made Rolex men (Rolex ผู้ชาย which is the term in Thai) socially acceptable is the advertised weekday. On the Rolex Day-Date, which appeared for the first time in 1956, the noon position was chosen for the added display. At Basel world 2015, the automatic caliber Rolex 3255 was another movement from the manufacturer that made this indication possible. It is used, for example, in the Rolex Oyster Day-Date 40.

Breitling also writes out the day of the week for the Premier Automatic Day & Date 40 model and displays it at noon. The date display appears in a window at six. The watch is powered by the Sellita caliber SW 260 with automatic winding and chronometer certificate. The model comes with a 40 millimeter and ten-bar waterproof stainless-steel case.

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