The Science of Sports Cards: Why Do People Love Them So Much?

If you’ve ever been to a Sports card marketplace convention, you know that the people who buy and sell them take their hobby very seriously. But why do people love sports cards so much? In this blog post, we’ll explore the science behind the phenomenon to try and answer that question.

Why do so many people love baseball cards?

The Collecting Instinct

One of the reasons people love collecting things is because it satisfies our innate urge to collect. This urge is known as “the collecting instinct,” and it’s something we share with other animals like squirrels, who collect nuts, and birds, who collect twigs. When we collect things, it triggers the release of dopamine in our brains, which gives us a sense of pleasure.

For some people, the collecting instinct is so strong that they suffer from a condition known as hoarding disorder. Hoarders compulsively collect things—often to the point where their homes are so cluttered that they can’t even move around freely. While most people who collect sports cards don’t suffer from hoarding disorder, they do tap into that same urge to collect.

The Nostalgia Factor

Another reason people love sports cards is that they evoke nostalgic feelings. For many collectors, sports cards remind them of their childhood or a simpler time in their lives. The act of flipping through a stack of cards can transport some people back to a time when they didn’t have any responsibilities, and they had nothing to worry about except which card was going to be next in their collection.

Additionally, many collectors see sports cards as a way to connect with loved ones who have passed away. For example, some collectors might have started collecting when they were kids with their fathers or grandfathers and now continue collecting as a way to keep those loved ones close.

The Investment Potential

Finally, many people see sports cards as a sound investment. Unlike stocks or cryptocurrency, which can fluctuate wildly in value, sports cards tend to increase steadily in value over time. Of course, there are always exceptions (like when a star player suffers a career-ending injury), but for the most part, sports cards are a pretty safe investment. And for some people, that’s enough of a reason to start collecting.

They Bring People Together

 In addition to all of the individual reasons people love sports cards, they also serve as a way to bring people together. Sports card conventions are a great example of this. At these conventions, collectors from all over the country (and sometimes even the world) come together to buy, sell, and trade cards. And for many collectors, these conventions are one of the highlights of their year.

Remember, the next time you’re at a sports cards convention, that you’re not just surrounded by people who love collecting things. You’re also surrounded by people who are satisfying their collecting instinct, connecting with loved ones, investing in their future, and bringing people together. So the next time someone asks you why you love sports cards so much, you’ll have the answer.

In the end

Whether it’s the collecting instinct, nostalgia, or investment potential, there are plenty of reasons why people love sports cards. So if you’re thinking about starting your own collection, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too old—because age is just a number when it comes to this hobby.

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