Tips and details of slot games at Gclub

There is a detailed description of how to play the game in a proper way for the new players. Using this description you can choose a game yourself that you want to play. You can also read the information about the game before playing to ensure that you are well aware of the rules and methods of the game. This will help you to make money easily.

Every game has a description about how to play the game on the information menu which provides you with a brief overview of the game.

Read the details of the game

This is an important step for any player to first go through the details of the game before playing it. The techniques and formulas to apply should be known to you. One can achieve the effective results of the game only when aware of the pros and cons of playing.  Every slot game on the gclub has a description of the game from which you’ll get the idea to play.

Some of the important details to know are as follows:

  • The number of Paylines and payout rates – the Paylines of a game has a great effect on winning a prize. If the line pays a lot then it is easy to get it in cheap. But if the payline is less, then it can’t become cheap.

Whereas the most payout rates depend upon the number of lines involved. If there is a lot of lines available then it becomes cheap and easy to pay less. You should know that if the lines pay very less, it is difficult to pay.

Comparing the two games, Pan fairy which has 9 pay lines and the other game King Pharaoh which has 20 pay lines, the payout rates differ in each of them.

  • The bonus system: there are many variations of bonus games. These are Free spins, Cash bonuses and Freefall, in which the winning symbol disappears, another game is random multipliers and many more. All these games are more profitable at the bonus stage and are the money maker of the game.

There are some games in which these types of bonuses are not available. For example, in Pan fairy, there is free spins and bonus spins for the customers, which is good up to some extend. Sometimes getting free spins is also quite difficult. But getting these bonuses multiplies your stake amount by 2. Hence, this is an easy game to get spins and earn profit.

Another example of a spinning game is King Pharoah. It is also a free spin bonus game. But at the 2nd and 4th reel, the spin gets wild which makes it easier for you to earn profit. This game provides only 5 free spins but the conditions makes it better and easier than other games.

Important tips of playing

  • Choose a reliable website like
  • Choose a good game with maximum profits and bonuses.
  • Play systematically
  • Determine the profit earned each time.