Tips To Maximize Your Botox Results

Are you planning, or have you had Botox? Botox is among the most popular aesthetic treatments. It mainly targets wrinkles and fine lines resulting from repeated muscle movements common in everyday life, such as smiling, frowning, and furrowing. A visit to Dr. Tanya Lawson ND, for Botox treatment, can help you rejuvenate the skin and deal with the premature aging signs, as well as provide valuable information to boost and extend the results. Among the tips that can help you realize and maintain better Botox results include the following:

Avoid sun damage

Sun damage can break down collagen fiber, and while this may not impact Botox, its results, including sagging, can counter the treatment’s contributions. Excessive sun exposure could be the top culprit for premature aging signs, and as you strive to get the most out of Botox, avoiding it is recommendable. Wear quality moisturizers such as containing Vitamins A & C, helping keep the skin plump. This helps avoid damage and consequential inflammatory response within your cells, leading to faster Botox breakdown. Avoiding sun damage helps your skin stay healthier and extends Botox’s lifespan, boosting the results.

Less-intensive exercise

High-intensity exercises are great such as when striving to shed more weight. They work by increasing your metabolism to burn calories. While you’ll build the muscles faster, the raised metabolism rate also means the Botox will quickly break down. Limiting the high-intensity workouts and adopting more moderate options is ideal as you strive to get the best results after a Botox treatment. Physical activity doesn’t have to be intensive to reap its many benefits. Spicing your regimen with moderate training can suffice and help you spot glowing skin for an extended period after Botox injection.

Minimize the stress

Stress is a part of our lives, but you shouldn’t let it go unmanaged. Stress can lead to frequent and inadvertent movements, such as frowning, causing your muscles to be tense. These are the muscles Botox works to relax, meaning that stress could counter the efforts. Besides wearing Botox much faster, stress also leads to increased cortisol levels. The stress hormone can trigger an inflammatory response, further speeding up Botox breakdown and the prevalence of premature aging signs.

Revise your habits

Do you smoke, vape, or use other nicotine products? Nicotine and such elements can break down your collagen and cause damage to your skin cells, which impacts Botox’s effectiveness. Your habits can stand in the way as you strive to improve your looks with the Botox treatment.


Caring for your body from the inside out is among the most practical ways to keep aging signs at bay. This includes your diet. Increasing skin-friendly diets in your regimen can help boost Botox results. Diets rich in vitamins, lean proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids, among other nutrients, are some items to consider as you work to improve your diet regimen.

Botox can offer much-needed skin rejuvenation and help you spot a glowing look for an extended period. This is more so with scheduled additional treatments and following a practical regimen such as with the tips highlighted above. Call or visit Skin Shop medSpa for more on Botox and all your skincare needs.