Understanding the Craftsmanship behind French Doors

All About French Doors - Neil KellyFrench doors have been a staple in homes for both their aesthetic appeal and functionality. Who doesn’t love the romanticism that these doors bring to a room? With its lush glass panels and intricate designs, French doors have become the choice of many homeowners. Undoubtedly, French doors make a room more inviting, and allow light to filter in naturally. But what exactly are French doors, and how can you install and maintain them? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the charm of  French door, and give you all the necessary information to make the right choice for your home.


The Basics About French Doors – What Are They?


French doors are a pair of glazed doors that offer a wide view of the outside world. They are typically made of wood or glass with some timber or aluminum in the frame. They can be both single or double-entry, with sidelights or transoms. Both entries swing from the middle, and the design gives them a classic, timeless look.


Advantages of French Doors


One major advantage of French doors is the natural light they allow into the room. This feature will enhance the room’s ambiance, make it feel airier, and give it a touch of warmth, making it more welcoming. In addition, these doors offer unobstructed views of the outdoors. French doors can also be fitted with insect screens to prevent bugs from getting inside. The design maximizes the size of the entrance space allowing for easy access and comfortable passage.


How to Install French Doors


Installation of French doors may require some experience and might be a little more complicated than replacing an interior door. If not done correctly, it can lead to various problems such as water penetration, structural damage, and energy loss. Before you start the installation, ensure that all the necessary measurements are done carefully. A popular installation option is to use a pre-hung French door. This comes pre-installed in a frame, making installation quick and easy.


Maintenance of French Doors


Properly maintaining your French doors will ensure they remain sturdy and attractive for years. Ensure you routinely check the hardware, especially the locks and handles, to ensure they are working optimally. Ensure regular cleaning of the frames, glass, and thresholds as these will collect dirt and dust over time. Avoid use of pressure washers as this can cause the finishing to chip. Repaint if necessary, but be careful not to use the wrong paint or color to avoid streaking.




In conclusion, French doors are more than just a door. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a home. That being said, installation and maintenance are equally as important. The installation of French doors is important to ensure a perfect fit without gaps, keeping them secure and weather-resistant. Maintenance is important as it keeps them in good condition, and sustainable for the long-term. Your French doors will no doubt receive compliments from friends and family, and you’ll enjoy the beauty they bring to your home for many years to come.