What are some of the sneaky ways to cheat at slots?

The slot machine games such as the สมัคร PGSLOT818 รับโบนัสฟรี are perhaps one of the most lucrative games that are available on the gaming platforms both in the brick-and-mortar gambling platforms and also the online slot machine gambling platform for the players, the cheaters, the house, and the punters. Even though these slot machine games are electronic, they easily manage to attract as many cheaters as there are in the table games such as poker, roulette, and blackjack.

The slot machine games are very much capable of ranking in the most cash form stakes. However, slot machine games are also capable of delivering some of the massive jackpot payouts. This thus is the reason as to why it is very much understandable that these slot machine games are very much capable of being targeted by the slot cheats in the effort of earing a huge win at the casino.

By reading this guide you will most definitely be able to see, learn, and comprehend some of the naughty tricks that are usually used by these cheeky scum bags for the sole purpose of beating the house. Let it not be misinterpreted the purpose of writing this article as this article does not encourage and recommend the use of such malpractices.

Here is a detailed list of some of the mannerism in which slot machine cheaters use so as to manipulate these slot games.

1) Cheat codes

The gaming authorities are there so that they can ensure that the gaming industries are operating in a fair and proper manner. Therefore, they ensure that the slot machine manufacturers design these slot machine games in manner in which they can be monitored and also audited while at the same time delivering a gameplay that is of top-notch quality to the gambler.

However, what precisely happens when the manufacturer opts to rig the codes in the slot machine for their own merit? The engineer who has rigged the slot machine codes will definitely be knowledgeable in the manner in which they can be able to manipulate the machine so as that he or she can be able to win.

2) Shaved coins

Everyone loves a good, clean shave don’t you? Well, the cheats love it when the clean shave is on the coins. With the advancement in technology, slot machine games started to use a certain light sensor for the purpose of registering the payment. In a huge number of slot machine games, the sensor of the optic functioned in a separate way from the one on the physical comparator. 

This basically designed that in case by any chance a coin that has been shaved is then sent the same way down as an object that was similar to the size and shape of the required stake coin, the coin that is shaved would be returned while the other object would certainly land in the slot machine and the play would definitely begin. This is perhaps the common method that the cheaters use to manipulate the slot machines games.