What Are The Types Of Storage Facilities?

Perhaps you have some priceless possessions you are not willing to part with but have no space in your house to keep them; a storage unit would come in handy. It is a common practice in places like Asia with luggage storage Bangkok. Nonetheless, storage units differ and have several features both for long and short term use.

Mobile Company Storage

For one with a busy schedule not physically available to handle such bulky packing, and seeking professional work; mobile company storages are the best to contact. Though on the high side financially, it is ethical, secure, and climatic conscious. Your valuable properties will be well packed and delivered to the destination of your choice. All the same, to remove or add items to your collection, it would require you to fix an appointment.

Personal Storage Units

Less costly is the baggage storage Bangkok units that can be rented without appointments. The rooms are sizeable, dependent on the bulk of your properties, and you can decide the storage space to keep them, which could be temperature and climate-controlled units, and you get to do the storing and packing by yourself. Units can be chosen on location (isle or center).

Moving Storage

The moving storage is a cumbersome process, but very efficient. You would need to do the packing yourself and apply proper packing techniques and supplies to avoid damages to your properties. The mobile company delivers a vault or storage container (wooden or steel) usually between 12 and 16ft to your destination for loading and offloading before being transported to your desired location. Mobile company storage may still be contacted to move the vault or container for you.

At the dispatch of the storage unit, you would need to apply for redelivery before gaining access to your property. However, there is room for the unit to be transported with you if such services are available in your new location.