What You Might Not Know About Eye Allergies

Eye allergies are common and significantly affect one’s life quality. They can aggravate, irritate, and frustrate your life, making almost everything difficult. Everyone is different, and eye allergies cause different symptoms per person. The eye allergies Bronx specialists offer an accurate diagnosis to help define your unique experiences and determine the best treatment. In most cases, eye allergies will cause itchy eyes, red eyes, dry eyes, light-sensitive eyes, watery eyes, swollen eyelids, sore eyes, and burning eyes. Read through to learn more about the complication.

 Eye Allergies are more Common than You Think.

Do not think that you are enduring eye allergies alone. Studies show that about one in every five Americans endures some eye allergy. The condition is often diagnosed as allergic conjunctivitis or ocular allergies. The only difference is that different people are affected differently by certain allergens. Plus, the treatment varies for every patient.

It Has all to Do with Your Immune System

As with all allergies, eye allergies happen due to complications within your immune system. The system can overreact when you are in contact with certain elements, causing a reaction in different parts of your body. In this case, your eyes react when you come into contact with foreign elements unrecognized by your immune system. The common eye allergens include weeds, grass, mold, sand, and pets. Your eyes will act defensively when you are around such elements causing your eye blood vessels to swell, causing the earlier-mentioned symptoms.

Differentiating Non-Allergic Reactions

Other non-allergic factors can also cause most eye allergy symptoms. For example, smoking can cause red eyes, watery eyes, dry eyes, and itchiness, to mention a few. Also, some cosmetics can cause eye symptoms when in contact and can be confused with allergic reactions. It is important to always read the instructions and caution in all products to protect your eyes. Note that the products only cause the effects once in a while, but an allergic reaction always occurs when you are in contact with allergens. Stop using or use cautiously any product you suspect is irritating your eyes or causing other effects.

Eye Allergies Should Not Affect Your Vision

Your eyes feel itchy or irritated due to eye allergies and can sometimes become sensitive. However, your eyesight should be intact even when you are enduring complications. You only need to take your eyes easily and avoid straining them. You will get the urge to rub your eyes thoroughly, which can only worsen some of your symptoms. Therefore, seek medical assistance for eye allergies to avoid manhandling your eyes, worsening your symptoms or causing more complications.

Allergies Can Be Seasonal

Some eye allergies like dust mites, feathers, dander, and pets can constantly affect you throughout the year. However, other allergies like specific plants and weeds, weather conditions and environmental factors can be seasonal. Therefore, you are only affected by the allergies at some times of the year when the allergens grow or happen. Some allergies can also affect you when you are outdoors most of the year. Many people endure allergies during the spring season.

There is more to explore about eye allergies. Contact the eye allergies specialists at Bainbridge Eye Care for more information. You can book an appointment online or call today for a consultation.