What You Should Do When Considering Vasectomy

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If you have decided not to have another child, you might be evaluating different birth control options available today. Could you not do it alone? The
Murray Hill urologist can help you assess other birth control options to understand the right choice for you. Vasectomy is one of the birth controls options on the line. One of the most effective low-risk treatments offers a permanent solution by preventing the sperms from getting to your semen. Choosing this birth control option requires a lot of information and understanding, and you ought to speak to your partner about it. The following are tips to help you when considering a vasectomy.

Get the Details About the Treatment

Vasectomy involves your doctor cutting your sperm carrying tubes through a simple surgical procedure. The method has been proven to be an effective birth control option for males and is outpatient. Although some cases can be reversed, there are no guarantees. Therefore, vasectomy is generally considered a permanent birth control option. That is why you need to choose the option after many considerations. Ensure you are not planning to fertilize an egg in the future. But if you still want to fertilize eggs in the future, talk to your doctor as there could be ways you can do that.

Know What You Can Expect

As you consider getting a vasectomy, you must first schedule a consultation appointment with your doctor to take a peek at the overall treatment procedure and note what you expect. Generally, the entire process will last for about thirty minutes. Your provider applies a local anesthetic to numb you and eliminate the chances of pain. Your doctor will locate the tubes where they will make a hole on the skin around your scrotum to access the tubes directly. Your provider will then cut the exposed tubes and tie them, meaning that sperms will not leave your body.

Evaluate the Risks Involved

Vasectomy is a tried and proven birth control option that has proven safe. Most procedures are performed without complications, but that does not eliminate the chances of risks. You can experience some side effects immediately after the procedure, including bleeding, bruising, mild pain, or infection. Some possible long-term complications involve fluid buildup, chronic pain, and pregnancy in rare cases. Additionally, modern techniques minimize these risks.

Involve Your Partner in the Decision Making

Planning a family is a critical aspect of life that you should not do alone. It is crucial to discuss your thoughts on getting a vasectomy with your partner if you are in a relationship. Although the ultimate choice will be yours, the decision affects your partner too. Ensure you are both confident about the life-changing choice. Remember that there are no guarantees on reversals.

Prepare Adequately for the Treatment

Consulting your doctor about how to prepare for a vasectomy is crucial. Ensure you share your medical history, including your current treatments, for your doctor to advise you accordingly. Follow your doctor’s instructions about preparing for the surgery carefully to minimize your chances of complications. Also, discuss your recovery regime in advance and make necessary preparations.

If you consider vasectomy as your birth control option, get in touch with the specialist Urologist: Michael Rotman, MD, for help. Your provider will help you understand if you can benefit from the treatment. You can make a call or book your consultation appointment online.

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