What’s the best cbd dosage? A look at proper serving sizes

Hollings offers cancer patients relief with variety of pain procedures |  MUSC Hollings Cancer CenterThe popularity of CBD supplements has increased rapidly in recent years. Derived from hemp plants, CBD offers a wide range of potential benefits, from reducing anxiety and stress to improving sleep quality and more. 

Key factors in cbd dosage

  • Your body weight – Larger individuals need higher doses than smaller people.
  • Desired effects – The amount of CBD needed differs based on the effects you want to achieve. For example, higher doses are better for pain relief or sleep whereas lower doses are recommended for general wellness.
  • Concentration of CBD – Higher concentration CBD oils/products allow you to take less liquid at a time. Compare milligrams (mg) per bottle, not just % concentration.
  • Your tolerance – With continued use, you develop a tolerance where you need to increase your dosage to achieve the same results.
  • Delivery method – Different CBD formats like oils, capsules, and edibles all affect how your body absorbs and processes CBD.

CBD dosage guidelines

With those factors in mind, here are some general dosage recommendations to start:

CBD oils

  • For mild effects, try 2.5-15mg per dose 1-2 times daily. Increase by 2.5-5mg until desired results.
  • For moderate effects, try 15-25mg per dose 1-2 times daily.
  • For strong effects, 25-50mg+ per dose 1-2 times daily.
  • When using higher concentration CBD oils (i.e. 25mg/mL or greater), take 1mL (one full dropper) for 25-50mg CBD.

CBD capsules

  • 5-10mg per serving is typically the minimum dose. These have premeasured doses per capsule/gummy.
  • For anxiety, sleep, pain – 25-50mg optimal.
  • Go up to 50-100mg per dose for strong therapeutic benefits.

CBD topicals

Topicals are applied directly on the skin. The dosage depends on the product’s CBD concentration. Start with a small amount and increase until you achieve relief.

Finding your effective dose

It takes some patience, self-experimentation, and tracking to find the optimal dosage that provides you the benefits you’re looking for from CBD. 

  • Start low – Begin with the lowest suggested dosage for your method of use, and gradually increase over time. This allows your body to acclimate to the CBD without any major side effects.
  • Split doses – Dividing your total daily dosage into smaller doses taken throughout the day produces more constant levels of cbd drops in your system. Taking one dose too close to the next heightens side effects.
  • Be consistent – Stick with a dosage for several days, monitoring your response, before adjusting the amount. Drastically changing dosage day to day makes it harder to determine effectiveness.
  • Track servings – Measure doses carefully and note serving sizes, times, and any effects/responses. This helps you dial in an optimal routine.
  • Consider formulas – Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD provide additional cannabinoids and terpenes that create an “entourage effect”. For some, these formulas are more effective than CBD isolate.
  • Consult an expert – Your doctor or a cannabis clinician provides dosage guidance and recommendations tailored to your needs and treatment goals. Their input is invaluable.

Proper CBD dosage requires finding the amount that provides you with the benefits and effects you seek.