When Are Facial Rejuvenation Procedures Right for You?

As with any elective medical surgery, you should only get facial rejuvenation if you are physically, psychologically, and emotionally well. When considering plastic surgery, ensure your body and immune system are in good form to reduce the chance of problems. Shrewsbury facial rejuvenation is not recommended if you have any underlying medical conditions or are a smoker. Experts cannot emphasize enough how important it is to discuss your goals with a board-certified plastic surgeon who knows the natural aging process. Your experienced plastic surgeon can also advise you on whether a noninvasive or invasive surgery is necessary to obtain your desired results.

An overview of facial rejuvenation procedures

Facial rejuvenation is any cosmetic therapy that improves the look of the skin’s surface. Wrinkles, dark patches, scarring, and skin laxity are superficial skin issues in the dermis’ upper-to-mid layers. Rejuvenation therapy stimulates the body’s natural regeneration mechanisms, especially the skin’s capacity to recover from energy and turn over new skin cells. Rejuvenation treatments may be considered fresh beginnings for your surface skin cells, which can help freshen your look for a youthful, radiant appearance.

Prevalent indicators to consider facial rejuvenation

1.      Increased skin laxity

Skin laxity is the term used to describe the skin’s increasing thinness, dryness, and looseness. Skin laxity is most typically observed around the eyes, brow, and cheeks, particularly in the cheek hollows. While chronic dryness can contribute to some skin laxity, inadequate amounts of collagen and elastin in the skin’s subdermal layers cause skin laxity that worsens with age.

2.      Wrinkles and fine lines

Almost every part of your face can develop wrinkles and fine lines; however, the ones that are most often linked to aging are the lines on the chin, frown lines, lines between the brows and on the forehead, expression lines around the lips and nose, and lines on your forehead. When collagen synthesis in the skin starts to taper off, which occurs for most individuals between the ages of 40 and 50, wrinkles and fine lines often begin to appear.

3.      Blemishes and dark spots

Dark spots and blemishes are signs of skin degeneration that have finally shown themselves. Blemishes on your face can vary from pockmarks to melasma, increased freckling, or new moles. Dark spots and sunspots are frequently caused by unprotected sun exposure. Furthermore, older adults are more likely to develop blemishes and dark spots.

4.      Uneven skin texture and tone

Uneven skin tone and texture can occur at any age but are most typically noticed in those over 40. Uneven skin tone is a distortion of your skin’s complexion, which means you may have rosacea, ruddiness from broken capillaries, or other problems with skin toning. Also, uneven skin texture is characterized by dryness and a rough, bumpy, or dimpled texture on the skin’s surface.

Age may be unavoidable, but accepting the signs of aging does not have to be. Several facial rejuvenation procedures are available to help you renew your look and reverse the apparent symptoms of age. Call Acupuncture Health Services to schedule your meeting today to determine which facial rejuvenation operations suit you.

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