Where was snooker invented? Learn the origin story of pool & billiards

Cue Sports are skill-based sports practiced on the table, sometimes known as a billiards table, by the use of the cue stick.  And it goes without saying that there is a diverse history of games that contribute to the game’s enormous augmented popularity in today’s modern world. In summary, this is an introduction to concepts of smoker, pool, and billiards games.

Here’s how the pool game got originated

If you are talking about where was snooker invented, the story traces back to 16th century. According to GetMega, the cue sport, also known as the Pocket Billiards, was initially created & played in the early 1340s. Whenever asked who invented pool, the one who created the game was France’s King Louis XI. As per knowledge, it is thought to be created by this kind, and he could only do it only because he had the internal billiards table. And that’s the reason it helped him promote the sport on a global scale.

If you are considering the history of this particular game, then here’s reading on to learn further on this front. The history, with reference to GetMega blogs, has been described as diversified only because of the fact that it is mostly liked by French and even English gentry. The fact is that pool has got evolved as a grass-based game that’s more or less similar to that of croquet.

Furthermore, the result of technology improvements has given rise to the evolvement of what the game is now in this space-aged epoch. In today’s world, there are different pool games that are accessible, and they range from the nine balls to even the three-ball, speed pool, and bank pool. The games have got designed keeping in mind the variety of the games with versatility considering the gaming objectives. As a matter of fact, these games can get played with the best use of the balls, a table, and, most importantly, the cue stick!

No sooner than early 1600s, the cue balls in pool games were moved using long sticks dubbed as maces instead of just hitting the balls with the cue sticks. In reality, GetMega says, the cue sticks had been introduced only due to the fact that it was critical to strike balls right on its edges with maces’ wide heads. And up until the nineteenth century, the gameplay was similar. But right when the nineteenth century brought revolutions in different industries, there were the American Poolrooms. These were the horse racing gambling places, after which the world witnessed an introduction to the billiard tables solely for the sake of entertaining the patrons. What originated as a leisure pastime for folks has become commonly accepted, cherished, and appreciated by people all around the world.

2. Everything to learn about Snooker and where it originated 

During the early 1800s, billiards was a favourite sport among the British military officers operating in the lands of India. Soon after, another game was a combination of black pool and pyramidal pool that were created. And that is where the snooker game originated. It was invented in the year 1885 by Neville Fitzgerald Chamberlain, who had popularised this sport in both United Kingdom as well as India. 

3. Introducing you to the history of billiards game

As per GetMega, Carom Billiards, also known as Carambole, belongs to the billiards family of games. The game, like pool, is played on a table and involves striking balls with a cue stick. So, how does the gameplay differ in pool? The only difference between this game and that of the pool is the fact that the carom billiards sets lack pockets, while the other one has tables.

The object of this game is just to bounce the ball off the two balls on a table. The origins of billiards might be traced back to the eighteenth century in France, and McCreery of the land of St. Louis in Missouri has been credited for popularising this game during the 1870s. Get additional information from the GetMega app and play your game online!

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