Who is Liable to Pay in an Uber Accident?

When an Uber accident occurs due to the driver’s fault, the driver is responsible for paying all the damages caused to the victim. They are liable for all the suffering endured by the people involved in the accident. The driver will be compensated for the medical costs of the victim, property damage, loss of wages due to injury, along with other monetary expenses. Contact an Uber accident lawyer in Jersey City to discuss your questions as well as their solutions regarding an Uber accident claim.

Determining Liability 

If the driver that caused the accident is an Uber employee, then Uber would be responsible for the accident along with the driver. This is because the doctrine of respondeat superior states that an employer is to be held accountable for the negligent conduct of its employee during employment.

When an Uber driver is at fault for causing an accident, he is liable for the following:

  • Compensation for the pain and suffering endured by the victims of the accident.
  • Payment of “excess” medical costs to the plaintiff. It refers to the recovery of medical expenses that go beyond the coverage of no-fault PIP benefits. 
  • Payment of “excess” lost wages to the plaintiff. It refers to compensating for the victim’s loss of wages that go beyond the monthly limit or three-year limit under no-fault wage loss benefits.
  • Other financial losses

When medical expenditures of the plaintiff exceed the level of coverage stated in the policy through which they are claiming No-Fault benefits, the victim is legally entitled to sue the driver responsible for the accident, as he is the proximate cause of the “excess” amount of medical bills.

Seeking compensation

Uber compensates for accidents even if the passenger has not faced severe injuries. The passengers are legally entitled to seek monetary compensation from the Uber driver. To secure this compensation, the passenger is required to submit a complaint on the Uber app.

However, the injured person’s responsibility is to exercise their rights and seek compensation to recover all the damages and expenses incurred in the accident. Suppose you are a victim of an Uber accident. In that case, you are entitled to receive fair compensation through your insurance policy or by filing a personal injury claim. A good legal attorney facilitates you in filing a lawsuit and informs you of all your available legal options suitable for the claim.

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