Why Are Crossdraw Holsters Convenient For Gun Users?

Crossdraw holsters are nothing new in the shooting world; many years ago, cowboys used this holster to carry their guns. They used crossdraw holsters when they went to work and rode through the jungle on horseback. Now, this type of holster is used by some specific people, and they hold that fame for many years.

In some cases, they have accepted countless criticisms because the shooting world is now more comfortable using strong side draw holsters. But crossdraw holster users have proven that using a dominant hand holster doesn’t matter if you know the right tricks.

When is a crossdraw holster suitable?

  • Nowadays, some cross-draw carriers place your handgun along the non-dominant hip and waist. Besides, the muzzle points are placed on the outside of the body. You can carry the cross draw along your dominant hand. The prime rule is to practice a lot so that you do not miss any of the targets or destroy anything other than criminals. I will suggest you buy or make a custom-made crossdraw holster from kirkpatrickleather.com to experience how an authentic holster works.
  • Many users spend most of the day in the car seat or the chair, the crossdraw holsters are beneficial for them.

How to use crossdraw in the car?

  • If you want to shoot while driving, the most convenient is the crossdraw holster. The position of the holster is natural while sitting in the driver’s seat with your body and does not cause any obstruction. Rather you must choose the design of the vehicles in such a way that you can draw the gun fast. If you are sitting in a truck, using OWB may be difficult, and IWB will be the right choice.
  • On the other hand, crossdraw can be handy for you when the movement of your hand is flexible according to the position of the body while you are sitting. Therefore, you can easily pull the gun out of the cover and deal with the threat.

Beneficial for medical purpose

  • If you already have an injury to your shoulder, your strong side holster carry will be difficult, and you can use the crossdraw holster in that case.
  • Several users can not carry weights in the pelvic area for back pain and hip injuries. Doctors never recommend wearing a belt after any abdominal surgery. In this case, the crossdraw option is handy and troubleless.
  • Some pistole users find it convenient to learn to cross-draw with a dominant hand, but they are not habituated by a conventional hip draw with a weak hand.


Over the years, this holster has regained its popularity because gun lovers prefer concealed carry. The crossdraw holster is appropriate for pistol users and also convenient to carry some small handguns. Crossdraw attachments are used to attach the weapon to the body to make it easier to run or drive.

Kirkpatrickleather.com is a globally reputed website that delivers any holster across the world. You can find 100s of leather holsters and pick your favorite one.

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