Why Commercial Cleaning Services are Crucial in Singapore

Among the unsung heroes of a productive and successful workplace are the office cleaner services that serve as a backbone for a smooth workflow, orderliness, healthy employees, and pleasant workspaces. One should never underestimate the wonders a clean and germ-free office brings to the overall success of a business. In this article, we will share with you the importance of office cleaning and why you should hire a professional cleaner to maintain your workplace.

What Comprises Professional Office Cleaning Services?

When we talk about office cleaning services, we almost always think about sorting out papers, dusting the cupboards, vacuuming the floor or carpet among other typical daily cleaning tasks. But do those things comprise what we called “professional office cleaning services”?

Professional workplace cleaning is a type of corporate support service being offered by experienced commercial cleaners in Singapore. This service can be offered as a daily routine or on a scheduled basis depending on the traffic within the workplace. Most established companies hire professional cleaners to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of their offices without compromising the tasks of their employees as well as the budget of their companies. Here are some of the services being offered by professional office cleaners:

·        Office Cleaning

Office cleaning tops the list of services being offered by commercial cleaners for more reasons than one. However, we should look closely at what does it mean when we say “office cleaning service” to better understand its importance. This task involves a multitude of other tasks to ensure that the workplace is free of germs and allergens from the ceiling down to the floor and in every nook and corner. Here are some of the areas being worked on during office cleaning:

  • Ceiling – Your office ceiling can be a home for spiders and other pests. When left unchecked, you will start to notice cobwebs hanging on the ceiling and trapping dust particles on it. This is one of the common causes of allergies within the workplace. As the dust particles are lightly suspended atop the office, constant movement and even the airflow can scatter the dust which will then be inhaled by the employees. This is the reason that commercial cleaning services pay much attention to removing cobwebs and other accumulated particles on the ceiling. In some cases, professional cleaners are also checking between the ceiling and the roof for pests like rodents and cockroaches that may breed in dark areas.
  • Shelves, Desks, and Cabinets – Dusting the tables and compartments inside the office is another crucial task to lessen the chance of developing allergies. Although often being used by your employees, shelves, desks, and cabinets may still sustain dust as well as viruses that can cause sickness in the office. Thus, it is important to clean these surfaces frequently.
  • Pantry – The office pantry is among the places with large traffic especially during break times. Since many people are touching the handles of the fridge, cupboards and appliances, the transfer of bacteria and viruses can be very serious. It is not to mention that due to the nature of the place, food contamination can be adversely affected. When the trash bin is left unchecked and the sink is unkempt, your office pantry can be a breeding ground for pathogens. Hence, commercial cleaning services are focused on keeping this area as neat and dry as possible to prevent cross-contamination from happening.
  • Comfort Rooms – A shared comfort room seemed to be a bad idea for most of us and it is not difficult to tell why. However, a regular office often has only 2 comfort rooms to be shared by all the employees. Since sanitary and hygienic practices cannot be guaranteed across all users, office comfort rooms are among the places where bacteria and viruses breed. Thus, office cleaner services are including the cleaning of comfort rooms to ensure a germ-free environment.
  • Floors – Unlike in our homes where we use indoor slippers or are walking barefoot, we are using our outdoor shoes inside the office. Thus, it should only be expected that the office floors are being exposed to mud, grimes, germs, and other unpleasant things we stepped on while walking outdoors. Thus, the office floors must be vacuumed and disinfected to prevent the spread of disease-causing elements in the workplace. A more complex cleaning routine shall be expected if you are using a carpet for your flooring in the workplace.

·        Commercial Carpet Cleaning

It might not be a constant thought for most of us but office carpets can be the most susceptible to dirt, allergens and germs build-up. Our outdoor shoes that are, as mentioned earlier, stepping on unpleasant things on the streets are often in contact with our office carpet. However, unlike the floors, carpets are made of fabric. This entails that they produce more friction and can trapped particles on the surface as much as they can absorb spilt liquid. This is the very reason why office carpet cleaning in Singapore is very important. Having your office carpet cleaned by professional cleaners will not only remove the dirt on its surface but will also remove the foul smell it contains. Proper office carpet cleaning can also maintain the beauty of your carpet for a long time.

·        AC Cleaning and Maintenance

While there are AC contractors offering air conditioning services that include AC cleaning and maintenance, it can be rewarding to get this service along with your office cleaning package. Some office cleaning companies offer AC cleaning along with their other services.

·        Upholstery Cleaning

There are many upholsteries inside an office. Your couch in the lobby, your woven seat cushions, as well as the throw pillows that can be used to provide some level of comfort may breed bacteria that can cause foul odour at less and illness at worst. Upholstery cleaning may be offered along with other commercial cleaning services to effectively clean these fabrics.

·        Pest Control

Your office can be a busy workplace in the morning and a playground for rodents and cockroaches at night. You might also fail to notice the decaying woods before the termites make the damages visible. Another benefit of professional office cleaning in Singapore is that expert cleaners can detect infestations in your office and provide effective pest control solutions to resolve the problem as early as possible.

·        Sanitation and Workplace Disinfecting

The ongoing global pandemic made us realize one thing, that the level of sanitation and disinfection we are doing in places with heavy traffic can be insufficient. Your office houses several employees every day, it is not surprising that bacteria and viruses are being carried and transferred there without your knowledge. Thus, proper disinfecting procedures from professional cleaners can do wonders in promoting the health of your employees.

While simple tasks such as organizing things and sweeping the floor can be done by your employees from time to time, these tasks mentioned above apparently requires a dedicated team of professional cleaners. Now that you are aware of the various commercial cleaning services available for your workplace, the next thing you need to know is how you can find a reliable office cleaning company to provide the necessary services for your office and we will happily give you some tips.


What Makes a Reliable Office Cleaner in Singapore?

Whether you are looking over the internet or in the old-fashioned phone directory, you will end up finding a long list of office cleaning companies around you. These companies have various things to offer such as enticing promos, wide experience, good feedback, among other things to convince you that you should hire their services. When faced with so many options, how will you be able to tell which one you should choose? Here are some of the tips you may consider:


One of the best criteria to consider when choosing an office cleaner is their track record. More often than not, advanced cleaning equipment falls behind experienced cleaners. Additionally, you can never go wrong in trusting an experienced office cleaner in terms of trustworthiness, quality of work, and functionality.

Recommendations and Reviews

Screening your choices in terms of positive reviews and recommendations from previous clients is made easier nowadays. Reviews, as well as testimonials, are now available online to let you judge a commercial cleaning company you are considering hiring.

Safety of Their Cleaning Products

While cleaning skills can be a good criterion in hiring an office cleaning company, ensuring that they are using quality cleaning products can guarantee quality services. You should also consider checking their cleaning agents if they suit your preferences, especially if you or your employees have allergies that might be triggered.


Another good measure when choosing a cleaning company is the affordability of their services. Even when a cleaning company offers top-notch services with advanced equipment, it is still crucial for you to check if the rates will not strain your company’s budget.

Cleaning Technique

An office cleaning company’s cleaning technique reflects its values. You might want to hire a cleaner that values neatness and organization to promote smooth workflow within your office. Likewise, you may also opt for a cleaning company that offers environmentally friendly commercial cleaning services for guilt-free office hygiene. If the latter sparks your interest, you might want to know more about the cleaning technique known as “green cleaning”.

The Rise of Green Cleaning

Whether you are a long-time advocate of green economy or you want to start your efforts to promote sustainability in your business, hiring a professional office cleaning company that is knowledgeable in green cleaning is a good step.

Green cleaning is a revolutionary commercial cleaning method that emphasises the lessening of carbon footprint by using environmentally friendly cleaning products and proper waste disposal. This is the answer to the world organization’s demand for green economic development. Below are some of its advantages.

Takeaways of Green Cleaning

  • Green commercial office cleaning services use natural and environmental-friendly cleaning products. Thus, they significantly reduce the threats to our environment by minimizing the production of harmful chemicals and gases.
  • Green cleaning is good for office cleaners as well. Even though most office cleaners have health insurance and are being paid for the hazards they are being exposed to in their line of work, it is still better to give them a safer working condition by letting them use cleaning products that will not be harmful to their health even in long exposure.
  • Office cleaning using green products will produce less to no negative impact on your employees after every session. When the regular office cleaning may make your employees uncomfortable due to the strong odour of the cleaning agents, green cleaning promotes a better after-cleaning atmosphere for the occupants of the workplace.


Where Can I Find an Office Cleaner the Offers All That?

Now that you know the professional office cleaning services and their benefits for your workplace, you are probably wondering if you can find a cleaning company that offers those services using the green cleaning method.

Lukis is a professional cleaning company that offers affordable commercial cleaning services that follow green cleaning standards. We are aiming to provide every workplace in Singapore with the best office cleaning services that can improve the health and productivity of the employees as well as make the day to day tasks easier through an organized working environment free of clutters.

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