13 Clever Tricks To Cut Landed Renovation Cost In Singapore

A landed renovation in Singapore can be extremely expensive. One project could reach millions of dollars alone. It is no wonder why people do renovation gradually to ease the burden of the expense or never take the renovation into their own hands. 

There are many factors that affect renovation costs. Location can increase the total renovation costs due to logistics challenges. The farther the project relocation is, the more expensive the renovation project will be.

The fee of your home and office renovation contractor in Singapore may also add to the costs. Big contractors tend to be more expensive than smaller ones.

Expensive materials also add to the total renovation expenses. Pricey materials, such as flooring, lighting fixtures, and paints, can be a financial burden to the project.

The project size and complexity also affect the price. The bigger and more complicated the project is, the more time contractors have to spend on the project; hence, additional cost.

This article will share some tricks and hacks to reduce your renovation costs.

13 Clever Tricks To Cut Landed Renovation Cost In Singapore

You can reduce the renovation and A&A work of your house by knowing where to cut the budget based on the factors that affect the price.

Here are some tips for reducing landed renovation costs in Singapore:


1. Choose a contractor near you.

You can easily eliminate the logistics challenges if you choose a home and office renovation contractor in Singapore near your area. Scout the internet or your neighbourhood for the closest contractor. But remember, never compromise the service quality for the location. Choose the best contractor near you.

2. Drive your own materials.

If you can find one nearby, the last option is to hire contractors far from you. But you can still reduce logistics costs by driving the materials needed. The delivery costs for materials drastically add to your total expenses. Picking them up and driving them to the project location will reduce delivery costs.


3. Find a cost-effective contractor.

Do not settle with the first contractor you will find. It is better to get at least five quotes from five different contractors. Then you can compare the prices of each home and office renovation contractor in Singapore and determine which one provides the best deals.

4. Do the project gradually.

Instead of one massive home overhaul, you can do it section per section. For example, for the first quarter of the year, you can remodel the bedrooms, while kitchen remodelling begins in the third quarter. Reinstatement work in Singapore will lift the upfront expenses burden of the renovation.



5. Recycled materials.

Instead of buying new materials for landed renovation in Singapore, why not use recycled materials? For example, buying new hardwood flooring for outdoor decking can be expensive. Instead, find a wood supplier that can provide you with reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood is our high-quality wood retrieved from old infrastructures. You can use it as the primary material for outdoor decking. They are cheaper than new hardwood as well.

6. Upcycle materials.

You can also upcycle your old materials to serve a new purpose. For example, instead of throwing your old tiled floors, you can break the tiles and create a mosaic kitchen backsplash using the broken tiles. Not only do you reduce your waste, but you also cut expenses by not buying new tiles for your backsplash.

7. Find multiple material resources.

Do not stick with one material supplier alone. You can find tons of suppliers on the internet. You can get a quote from multiple suppliers and compare their deals. 

You can also hit garage sales or surf the internet for individuals selling their used materials. It will surely give your landed renovation in Singapore a relief. But remember, you should always prefer quality over price. After all, durable materials save you money in the long run.

8. Sell your old materials.

Selling your old materials, such as flooring and furniture, will not reduce your expenses but add budget. You can use the profit to buy the materials you want for the house.

9. Alternatives materials

You can use alternative materials for your home as well. For example, hardwood flooring is expensive. The better alternative is engineered wood flooring. Although they are subpar to hardwood, engineered wood can mimic the appearance of wood flooring. Moreover, they are drastically cheaper than hardwood.


10. Do the painting.

Do-it-yourself is the ultimate hack if you want to reduce your landed home renovation in Singapore. Painting is the easiest activity an ordinary person can accomplish. Instead of paying for a professional home painting service, use the budget to buy paint and painting materials. Call your friends and family to paint your home and bond together.

11. Do the demolition.

You can demolish some portions of your home as well. For example, you can smash the kitchen bar, dismantle the cupboards, and remove old furniture. 

You don’t have to pay your contractor for the demolition and A&A work. Moreover, you can dismantle the things you want to keep or reuse without destroying them, such as the cupboards or the granite kitchen counter. Make sure you have the appropriate materials and protective gear when demolishing your home.

12. Do the cleanup.

You can reduce your waste disposal service cost by doing the cleanup yourself. You can ask your friends and relatives to collect and sort the debris, so all your waste disposal service has to do is collect the trash.

13. Don’t disturb the plumbing.

Don’t fix what is not broken. Plumbing works can be expensive; if they are fine, don’t disturb them.

Some people disturb plumbing work by relocating the bathroom to another area. This project may need rerouting the drain, sewage, and plumbing work.


A landed home renovation in Singapore does not have to be expensive. There are clever ways to cut the costs of your dream home project. The key is to identify where and when to cut.

You can reduce your renovation costs by applying these tips, so what are you waiting for? Plan your next renovation project today.

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