How to alter a PDF document

So always make an effort to define what folks mean by “edit” when they seek for my assistance with their PDF editing needs. Some individuals define editing as adding annotations or filling out forms; in these cases, the majority of free PDF solutions are more than enough. Others want to alter the text in a PDF file or turn scanned images into editable Word documents. We made the decision to publish an article on this significant topic since there are so many different demands when it comes to PDF editing.

The best desktop PDF reader (free)

Since Adobe Reader created the PDF file, it is difficult to suggest anything else as the best free PDF reader. Adobe Reader DC Download is where you may download it. You may add text, shapes, and highlights to your PDF as well as delete specific sections with the Comment features in Adobe Reader.

A dependable online PDF editor (freemium)

If you’re searching for an online solution instead of desktop software, try a service like Free PDF Converter. You may open PDF files, carry out all of the aforementioned actions, and save your documents online with DocFly’s online editor. Three PDFs can be downloaded without charge each month.

Directly altering text in a PDF

There are two alternatives if you need to directly edit text in a PDF file: (1) you may download a desktop PDF editor that allows you to do so, or (2) you can convert the PDF file to Word first, make the necessary changes, and then save it back as a PDF file.

Endorsed desktop PDF programs (free trial)

The initial suggestion is always Adobe, just like my suggestion for a good reader. A wonderful product, Adobe Acrobat has practically all the features needed to create, convert, and edit PDF files.

Altering a PDF that was produced via a scanner or an image

Use optical character recognition to modify a PDF that was produced from a scanner or an image (OCR). Characters in a picture are “read” using OCR technology, which then transforms them into editable text. OCR attempts to tackle an extremely challenging computer science issue, thus you shouldn’t anticipate perfect accuracy from the output. We suggest installing desktop software because there aren’t any effective internet OCR options.

How to alter a PDF document

How to use the editor for PDF files

Replacing existing items is the best technique to edit PDF text. First choose the whiteout tool in the PDF page editor to white out a section of your document. After that, position the cursor where you want to delete it on the document and drag it there. You can alter the tool’s colour to match your page backdrop if it isn’t white on your website. You may then add fresh text, photos, or other items to the area that was concealed when using the whiteout tool is done.

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