4 Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy

As women age, the normal functioning of the body usually changes. The most noticeable change for women is menopause. During menopause, the body stops producing estrogen, which affects its performance. To correct the problem, hormone replacement therapy treats menopausal symptoms. In recent years, there have been increased cases of hormone replacement in Lady Lake to protect against women’s long-term threat.

Most women suffer from muscle and joint pain and stiffness. Furthermore, they feel pain due to inflammation and general wear and tear. To reduce the pain, you should understand the cause of your pain and the best solution. The following are the five types of hormone replacement therapy.


The following is one of the most used forms of hormonal replacement therapy (HRT). In most instances, they should be taken daily. The tablets are in combined HRT, and estrogen-only forms, and they are viewed as the simplest treatment method. Nevertheless, the tablets increase the HRT risks, such as blood clots, compared to other forms. Besides, there are higher chances of forgetting to take the tablets since you should take them daily.

Skin Patches

Skin patches are one of the most applied ways to take HRT. You are supposed to stick the patches to the skin and replace them after several days. Recently, there has been an introduction of Oestrogen-only and combined HRT patches. The following patches are more convenient than the tablets since you do not have to take tablets every day. Consequently, the patches reduce side effects such as indigestion and blood clots.  


There is a testosterone gel that women can apply to the skin. Even though it is not yet licensed to be used by women, some specialist doctors prescribe it to them to restore their sex drive. In most instances, the specialists recommend it for women with low sex drive even after using HRT. Consequently, in some cases, it is combined with another HRT type.


There are some instances where small pellet-like implants are used. The implants are inserted under the skin, mainly in the tummy area. After numbing the skin with a local anesthetic, the following process is carried out. The following implant releases the estrogen slowly and can last up to several months. They are a convenient option since you do not have to take the treatment every day. However, if you have a womb, you should take progestogen separately.

Vaginal estrogen

The following estrogen is in the form of pessary, cream, or ring inserted in the vagina. The following usually helps to reduce vaginal dryness. However, you should understand that it will not solve other symptoms such as hot flushes. The estrogen is better since it does not have the usual risks of HRT. Furthermore, it does not aggravate the risks of breast cancer. Therefore, you can use it without taking progestogen even if you have a womb.

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