How Can Stores Prevent Slip And Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents in stores are not an uncommon scenario. Stores that are not being maintained and cleaned by the staff and owner often have objects lying around or spills, which cause customers to slip, trip, and fall. These accidents can cause severe injuries and attract long medical bills. 

If you have been injured in Los Angeles at a store or business, contact an attorney to fight for your rights. Meanwhile, here are a few measures business owners can take to prevent such accidents and avoid liability. 

Tips to prevent slip and fall accidents in your business

  • Keep walking surfaces free of clutter. 

Keep the surfaces where customers are supposed to walk around clean and free of clutter. Doing this can reduce the odds of a fall and prevent liability. A small object on the path can cause a customer or even an employee to trip and create problems. Water, milk, and oil spills are common in grocery stores. Therefore, the area where these items are kept should be checked throughout the day. 

  • Keep up with routine maintenance needs. 

Everyone should have routine maintenance checks on their property in Los Angeles. Your duty towards your property does not end after keeping it clean. Sidewalks, curbs, and walkways can develop cracks over time, and seasonal changes can deteriorate your property. Check your sidewalks and curbs for roots, weeds, rocks, and anything a customer may trip on. 

  • Check on the stairways. 

Stairways are among the most common places where an accident takes place. If you have stairs in your store or business, you should regularly check them to reduce the risk of injury. Make sure the stairs are free of clutter or small objects that people might overlook and trip over. Keep the area well lit and clean. Also, check if the handrails are safe to use or if they have gone through structural damage. 

  • Use carpets on slippery surfaces. 

If you have slippery surfaces in your store, you can use carpets and rugs in places where people tend to make more turns, such as the entrance. Carpets also allow people to brush any mud, water, or debris that may be under their shoes and lower the odds of slipping. Grippers can be used on the stairs to improve traction. 

  • Manage cords. 

Power, internet, and phone cords can create a mess of wires and make people trip over them. To keep surfaces clear, try to run cables under the carpets or behind the walls. There are various wireless options available in the market nowadays you can opt for.