5 Early Signs of Arthritis to Watch Out For

When most persons think about arthritis, they are generally picturing joint discomfort. However, they do not realize that arthritis is a catch-all phrase for more than a hundred different conditions affecting your joints. Some are more prevalent than others, with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis being the most common. Whereas each form of arthritis Fort Worth has its peculiarities, they all entail joint inflammation. It might be hard to tell if you have the beginnings of arthritis in the early stages or if pain and aches are associated with another injury or condition. Nonetheless, if you suspect you may be one of the 54M Americans who have arthritis, here are some signs to look out for:

  1.     Achy, Tender, Or Painful Joints

Numerous traumas and illnesses could cause joint discomfort. To pinpoint arthritis as the reason for your joint discomfort, ask yourself:

  • Is the pain drastic, or has it been going on for a while?
  • Is it painful all of the time or only on occasion?
  • Have you been recently injured?
  • Does physical activity seems to improve it?

Arthritis discomfort frequently develops over time. It is usually worse once you wake up and improves as you move about more during the day. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes your joints to swell throughout, making them feel painful to the touch.

  1.     Stiff, Immovable Joints

Arthritis destroys the tissues in your joints, including the cartilage and lining; hence, you might have two bones grinding against each other. If you do not have the protecting tissues that provide a slick surface, your joints can lock up or fail to operate smoothly. As a result, you will observe a huge reduction in your specific’s joint mobility.

  1.     Red, Warm Skin

Once you suffer trauma, for instance, when you slice your finger or sprain your ankle, your body transfers blood to the wounded area to aid in the healing process. This blood contains vital growth factors and other healing characteristics. However, prolonged swelling is no longer helpful. Some telltale signs of chronic inflammation include red skin that is warm to the touch. If it persists, it could signify a fungal or bacterial infection. Your doctor at Clover Internal Medicine Associates will perform a series of tests to identify whether the problem is because of arthritis or something else.

  1.     Fever

Fever is such a vague symptom that it is frequently misdiagnosed as a warning for arthritis. However, chronic inflammation, a hallmark sign of rheumatoid arthritis, can result in a prolonged low-grade fever.

  1.     Malaise And Exhaustion

If you have arthritis and experience any of the symptoms described above, it takes a toll on your body, spirit, and mind over time. Most patients report feeling generally unwell, yet they cannot pinpoint a specific cause or symptom. Even if you sleep well and take a nutritious diet, if you have arthritis, you may feel constantly tired as it takes a toll on your body. 

Whereas all these symptoms are associated with arthritis, they do not serve as a definite diagnosis. At Clover Internal Medicine Associates, the expert staff employs advanced technologies and techniques, including CT scans and X-rays, to diagnose or rule out arthritis. Make an appointment today through mobile or book online to discuss your concerns with one of the specialists and establish the right care plan for you.