Top 5 Senior Health Issues Making Geriatric Care Necessary

Aging is inevitable and can bring about unique health complications. Older adults face several challenges making it necessary for specialized care. Some issues can be chronic such that they need ongoing expert care, which is why the adult and geriatric nurse practitioner Boynton Beach specializes in expert and personalized senior care. Your body will degenerate as you age, becoming less effective than before and increasing your chances of issues. It is essential to understand some of the challenges of aging on a path of aiming at healthy aging. Look at the following six issues associated with aging.

Chronic Health Conditions

Over 90 percent of the elderly population have at least one chronic illness stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are the most common ones. These issues require regular appointments with the physician for annual checkups and regular testing to promote your health. They also call for maintaining healthy diets and adapting to exercise routines depending on the specific issues. You might not be enduring chronic conditions, but learning that your risks are higher will help you take the necessary preventative measures in advance.

Cognitive Health Issues

It is common to forget things like where you parked your car at your age. Your ability to learn, think, and remember is affected by aging, and that is why you need someone to spend more time with you. Dementia is the most common issue affecting the elderly, with around 50 million people worldwide enduring the illness. Many medical experts relate this to the fact that other chronic diseases like depression, diabetes, hypertension, and drug abuse increase the risk of developing dementia. Although there is no dementia cure, your healthcare provider can develop a treatment plan to help you manage the condition.

Physical Injury

Falls are the leading cause of physical injuries in the elderly. Remember that your bones will shrink, and your muscles lose strength as you age, where you will lose strength and stability. This increases your chances of bruising, fracturing, and balance loss. Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are common with aging and contribute to frailty. But falls can be avoided. Geriatric care can provide advice on maintaining good physical activity and making necessary practical modifications in your home.


Many adults over the age of 65 suffer malnutrition and sometimes are underdiagnosed. This could result from other health issues like dementia, where one can forget to take a meal. Other issues that could contribute to malnutrition include depression, alcoholism, reduced social contact, and restricted diet. But senior care can help you commit to small dietary changes like improving your consumption of fruits and vegetables and limiting your salt and saturated fat intake.

Oral Health

Many seniors do not have their natural teeth or suffer oral health complications. Although most of the issues are overlooked, they contribute to other health complications like malnutrition. Cavities and tooth decay are common and can limit your diet and confidence. Gum disease, dry mouth, and mouth cancer are common in seniors but can be managed or prevented through regular dental checkups. Your geriatric care provider will work with your dentist to design the best oral health maintenance regime for you.

You can explore more about senior care at Nguyen Medical Group. Remember that aging is inevitable, and it is important to learn how you can cope or help your senior relatives cope during this stage of life.