5 Ways You Can Fix Underbite Issues

An attractive smile boosts your confidence and improves your quality of life. However, certain dental issues, such as underbite, might cause a crooked smile and make you uncomfortable about your appearance. An underbite is a dental malocclusion that makes your lower teeth bulge further than your upper teeth. Fortunately, it is a treatable dental condition that an underbite Cary specialist can correct through proper orthodontic care. An untreated underbite can affect your speech, biting, and chewing abilities and cause pain in your jaw and mouth. Here are five effective ways to prevent your underbite issues from affecting your oral health.

1. Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatments can effectively treat underbite issues. If you have a mild underbite, your doctor might recommend braces or Invisalign to push your teeth into your desired position. Braces are quite different from Invisalign, but both provide aesthetically pleasing results. Invisalign is nearly invisible and can be removed while eating, while braces are visible and can provide faster esthetic results. You should always avoid treating an underbite using at-home clear aligners to prevent further oral health issues. Visit your dentist for the right orthodontic treatment option for your underbite.

2. Tooth Reshaping

Tooth reshaping is an effective cosmetic treatment option for treating an underbite. It involves shaving down the bottom teeth and fitting the upper teeth with veneers. This procedure realigns your jaw, which is mostly affected by the underbite. Tooth reshaping is effective in treating mild to moderate underbite issues and is usually painless since it only alters your tooth enamel. Your doctor might also recommend this procedure to lower your risk of tooth decay.

3. Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction can correct an underbite caused by overcrowding. It focuses on removing the lower premolars to relieve pressure and fix the jaw to its natural position. Tooth extraction helps to free up space taken by overcrowded teeth and allows better orthodontic alignment after a tooth extraction procedure. For effective underbite results, your doctor might prescribe an orthodontic treatment such as braces to shift your teeth in place. 

4. Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is an effective option in treating severe underbite issues. It can realign the position of your jaw and create good bite patterns. Each type of jaw surgery may vary from one individual to another. After jaw surgery, you might take 10 to 12 weeks to recover fully. After surgery, you might also experience heavy discomfort in your upper and lower jaw. It is always best to fully prepare for jaw surgery since it is an invasive procedure that might require moral and physical support after treatment.

5. Facelift Dentistry 

Facelift dentistry is a cosmetic procedure that uses JawTrac and VENLAY technology to correct bite issues, including underbite. It is a safe procedure that helps prevent the need for jaw surgery or other orthodontic treatments. However, Facelift dentistry is only appropriate for adults since their jaws are completely formed. It can treat an underbite within three weeks using electronic jaw tracking readings based on its natural position.

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