9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Online Gambling

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Did you know that the gambling industry is so huge that bettors have an infinite number of games and services to choose from? Yikes! That’s TOO many choices. 

These are just a few games to be named, from companies offering casino games like blackjack and poker to sports betting and popular traditional pastimes such as horse betting. Most bettors are experts in one game or more, but there are certain things you might not know about online gambling as a whole. 

Here are nine things you probably didn’t know about online gambling: 

  1. The Industry’s Worth

Based on the information we provided above, you must have realized that the gambling industry is worth a significant amount, but how significant is it exactly? Well, it’s estimated at $265 billion worldwide. 

But that’s not where it ends. While the COVID-19 pandemic did cause a temporary slump, the industry is picking up again and is expected to grow by 10% or more every year. So if you’re planning to try your luck with betting, now is the time to make win big!

  1. The Biggest Game of the Industry

Each of the games played in the gambling industry has quite a large user base. But when you talk about the industry’s biggest game, it has to be from the casino. Picture yourself walking through a casino. Which game do you think keeps most people engaged? 

That’s right, the traditional casino favorite remains the top game in online gambling, too—the slot machine. This game itself accounts for more than 70% of the profits that are made in online gambling. And to be honest, it’s not surprising either; the game is super accessible while being easy to play too. 

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  1. Games Aren’t Rigged

When people lose money in gambling, the first thing that slips out their mouth is,”It’s unfair. The game was rigged.”

Sometimes gamblers are almost winning but end up losing a fortune just by an edge. This is because betting and gambling are primarily based on strategies and luck. 

Casinos win because they use complex and clever mathematical strategies to have the edge over the players. The math involved here is so vast that mostpeople can’t understand. This is why it’s always recommended to play based on tested strategies rather than favorites. 

  1. Random Number Generator is EVERYTHING

Apart from sports betting, traditional casinos require machines to simulate their online casino games. For this, they need a unique computer code called “random number generator.”

Toprevent cheating in an online casino, everything about the game must be random. From the cards drawn at blackjack to the point where the online slot machine stops, it’s all achieved through this computer code. 

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  1. Traditional Cheating Tricks Don’t Work Here

If you were a regular at traditional casinos, then you may have mastered a few tricks up your sleeve to increase your chances of winning. But sadly, those tricks aren’t going to come in handy when gambling online, thanks to the random number generator. 

For example, when playing blackjack at a traditional casino, the players can judge when the deck is in a less or more promising position based on the cards that have been dealt already. But with the online version, there are endless possibilities to shuffle the cards. 

  1. It’s Easy to Be Fooled by Signup Bonuses

Since the online gambling industry is snowballing, there is immense competition amongst bookmakers. And to attract gamblers to their website, they offer signup bonuses. While you might think this will help you as a gambler, the key is to remember that the house always wins. 

These bonuses are set in a way that’ll only favor the house. For example, many bookmakers set rules that prevent gamblers from taking advantage of this bonus in some specific situations. 

  1. Don’t Trust Online Advice 

This isn’t just limited to online gambling, but trusting everything you read online is probably not the best thing to do, especially if they come from a fellow player, such as a message board or forum. 

There’s a concept called ‘casino shills,’where planted players are hired to play and help the house win while pretending not to be associated with the casino. Therefore, steer clear of what anyone has to say and follow your instinct. 

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  1. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Most novice bettors mistake finding one reliable betting site and sticking to it for the rest of their online betting life. It’s never a good idea to put all your investment on one side, as you should ALWAYS vet the market. 

Other competitor betting sites oftenoffer better bonuses and packages that’ll help you save some bucks or maybe make extra bucks. That’s why we recommend that you always check the market before placing your bet with an online bookmaker. 

  1. Is it Safe to Gamble Online?

Yes, online gambling is safe, but only if you are using a legitimate betting site. The advantage of online gambling is that ‘word of mouth advertisingis powerful here. As soon as a scamming website surfaces, the word spreads like fire which helps eliminate them quickly.

Therefore, rather than being tempted to invest in smaller betting sites that seem fishy but offer a big reward, start with legit websites that offer safe and secure payment processes and quick payouts too. After all, you don’t want to run after an online site that doesn’t give you the prize money you deserve. 

How to Choose an Online Gambling Site

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About the Author 

Sandy Adams is a renowned name in the gambling world with over 25 years of experience in the betting world. She is an industry expert in online betting and gambling and currently reviews betting sites to provide her honest opinion for novice gamblers.