What You Should Know About Covid-19 Testing

With children resuming school and many people going to work or traveling, even a slight cough or runny nose may cause concern, necessitating a COVID-19 test. Whether you are experiencing symptoms or not, especially if you are unvaccinated, testing is appropriate as it has played a huge role in mitigating the spread of the virus. Daniel Maenner, DO, of The Doctor’s House, provides Covid-19 testing in West New York, New Jersey, to help detect both past and current infections. Call the office or use the online scheduling tool to find out more.

What Are the Different Covid-19 Testing Procedures Available?

At The Doctor’s House, you can access various Covid-19 testing procedures, including:

  • Molecular PCR testing

This procedure gathers samples of fluids and cells from your respiratory system using a nasal swab. It permits the detection of particular genes for the COVID-19-causing SARS-CoV-2 virus.

A long nasal swab is driven into the canal between the throat and nose to collect the sample. PCR tests are nearly 100% accurate in detecting COVID-19 infection. However, they take a bit longer to get findings.

  • Rapid antigen testing

The majority of fast diagnostic tests are rapid antigen tests. These are performed using a throat or nasal swab and check for a virus-related protein. Antigen testing is often cheaper and has a faster response time, sometimes as little as 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, they are less precise since the tests might turn negative if an individual is not approaching peak infection but contagious. According to the CDC, persons with COVID-19 symptoms yet test positive on an antigen test should have PCR testing to verify their outcomes.

  • Antibody testing (Serology test)

After an infection, antibodies are found in the blood. Antibody testing is performed on a blood sample to determine if the virus responsible for COVID-19 was previously present. This test examines for signs of the immune system’s response to the infection. Nevertheless, more studies are being conducted to determine what the presence of antibodies means.

What Covid-19 Test Should You Take?

To establish what test you should undertake, first understand why you are being tested. Perhaps your kid was exposed at school, and after being quarantined, they must pass two negative tests. Therefore, the parents might invest in a quick antigen home kit.

However, a molecular PCR test is more suited in some cases, especially when making clinical decisions. A PCR test effectively validates positive antigen tests or asymptomatic testing. It is also appropriate whenever patients have symptoms, need testing before treatment, or are hospitalized.

With at-home testing kits available, whether PCR or antigen, observing the testing guidelines is critical for the quality of results. For instance, if a nasal or throat swab is not driven deep inside the nose, it might not obtain a suitable test sample and result in a false negative.

Do you think you have Covid-19? Are you planning a trip soon, or just want to get tested? Whatever the case, anybody can arrange a Covid-19 test with Daniel Maenner, DO, at The Doctor’s House in West New York, NJ. Arrange an appointment through mobile or book online right away.

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