Air Gun Night Shooting: Golden Rules

Air Gun Night Shooting: Golden Rules

Spring is now here and for air gun shooters this is excellent news, now able to enjoy night shooting without being so cold that they feel like their toes are going to drop off. However, with this in mind it is important that those going out night shooting are responsible and understanding, knowing how to shoot in a safe and effective style. The AR-15 rifles might be light and very easy to maneuver, still care must be applied to ensure no accident occurs as a result of its improper use. Knowing the ‘golden rules’ of shooting is not only important so that shooters can shoot as well as possible, but also so that they can avoid breaking the law. If you are considering going air gun night shooting thing Spring, you MUST read the rules below!

Night Shooting Golden Rules

There are some rules that you HAVE to follow when shooting at night. These are:

  • You need to make sure that you have established your line of fire before taking any shots and that you are using backstops
  • You should clearly identify your target before taking any shots, never shooting if you can only partially see the animal that you want to shoot
  • You have to use the appropriate firearm based on the quarry that you are looking to shoot
  • Check the law in your country before you go out shooting and abide by it at ALL times

Before you go out shooting also consider your behaviour, and be ethical at all times. Here’s some top tips:

  • Always get approval from landowners before shooting commences on their land, and if possible, get written permission from them
  • Visit the area where you are going to go shooting the day before so that you can familiarise yourself at all times
  • Never carry your air gun around in public – Always make sure that it is out of sight
  • Don’t carry around your air gun unless you are shooting so that you don’t accidently take any shots
  • Do not go out night shooting alone, always go with a friend, making sure that you are carrying everything that you could possibly need, including torches, water and food

These are only some of the tips for shooting at night too – If you want to go night shooting but have never been before, we would definitely advise that you go with someone who has air guns night shooting experience so that you can feel more comfortable and enjoy your time more. There are even local shooting groups that you could join if you want to go night shooting with a bunch of people to enhance the experience.

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