Sensory Toys That Will Help on the Journey Through the ABA Parent Training Curriculum

Sensory Toys That Will Help on the Journey Through the ABA Parent Training Curriculum

Kids with autism can often benefit from sensory toys that increase input of different sensations. These toys can activate the centers of the brain that respond to touch, sound and visual stimuli. When presented with these toys, kids can use them to calm their senses for improved comfort and focus. Parents can start using sensory toys effectively while following an excellent ABA parent training curriculum. This guide can help, too, as it aims to help parents understand the importance of these toys and select the right ones for their kids.

Importance of Sensory Toys for Kids with Autism

Kids with autism tend to crave sensory input that helps balance the way they feel inside. These toys can provide a sense of calm that cannot be matched by any other coping methods. The toys are easy to bring place to place, making them a smart way to manage autism behaviors at home and in public. When given sensory toys, many kids will keep them on hand for use when faced with difficult challenges, such as transitioning from one activity to another.

Common Types of Sensory Toys

Sensory toys can be found in surprising places. Parents do not need to buy specially branded toys, as there are many options available in local toy stores. Here are just a few.


Putty that is soft and smooth, but not sticky, works best as a sensory toy. This toy provides a velvety feel that can provide a calming sensation on contact. The putty stretches out and creates interesting visual patterns as well. Putty comes in small containers that fit in kids’ pockets, so they can easily keep it on hand for use as needed.

Rain Tube

For kids in need of soothing noises, parents can obtain rain tubes. These fun tubes are filled with brightly-colored beads that gently bang together as kids move this toy around. Watching the beads can provide helpful visual input that can provide even more comfort.


For kids who need to control the sounds they hear, a kazoo might be a better fit. This sensory toy allows kids to use their breath to make joyful noises everywhere they go. Kids can pair kazoo playing with their belly breathing exercises to increase the effectiveness of this sensory toy.

Wiggle Seat

A wiggle seat provides sensory input that helps kids stay in their chairs through lessons and other calm activities. This inflatable seat has soft nubs that provide tactile information while providing comfort. Changing the air pressure inside the seat can help customize its input to the child’s needs.

Through an ABA parent training curriculum, parents can find the sensory toys that will help their child with autism cope and thrive. These toys can prove fun and fascinating while providing comfort and support day after day.

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